David Whelan Questions Paul's Detainment in Russia Following Griner's Release

David Whelan discussed his brother Paul Whelan’s continued detainment in a Russian prison after the U.S. government traded prisoner Viktor Bout for the release of Brittney Griner.

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  1. Biden left all those military behind closing that base what makes you think he's going to get his release. My God people wake up. This guy is a marine!! He fought for this country! Shame on Everyone that is ok with his captivity. May God be with this man and family until he can come home

  2. Having been on the earth, the time that I have, it seems fair to say the man should be released from jail, released from Russia holding. If he is not be cared for properly, it seems sufficient grounds to send in a legal team to review the status of his physical condition and request an immediate release. The notion that he is saying he is innocent, that he hasn't committed any crime, he is accused of committing either holds, he is only saying that to escape accountability or there is a vendetta against him, the military association he once had, or him as an American citizen. It seems unjust for any money payments to be made to Russia, as it also unjust that he is potentially in harm. The physical condition of T.R prompted a check in while he was in jail thus it seems there could be a chance for the release in this case, if the physical condition is showing signs of neglect. Hopefully the family is reunited, without the fraudulent activity/practices of payment to seek his release.

  3. Does the WNBA allow their players to use marijuanaMarijuana?????????????

  4. I can't stand our president! He has no balls at all!

  5. This entire administration of Joe/Obama is a total joke! The ONLY thing they are interested in is what they can do to garner more votes from their far left base……disgusting! I don't think that Griner deserved the sentence she received, but you cannot make that exchange. It only reinforces this administration will put our entire country in danger for one black female LGBTQ person.

    The REAL tragedy is MSM supporting them for every idiotic step they take! Our media is completely partisan and broken. You will be responsible for the downfall of America.

  6. They won't help Paul because he supported trump and because he's a marine patriotic and a white man.

  7. Paul should've came out at LGBTQ and he would have been back 3 years ago lmao 🤡🤡🤡

  8. Mighty Joe's best trade- re-arrest Bout anytime, Paul lucky not serve US prison time. Bout & Griner similar remaining prison time.

  9. He gets up every morning and sings the us national anthem😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃


  11. The dude is an ex-Marine. Not a former Marine. He was kicked out with a bad conduct discharge. Bring him home asap. But stop talking about the guy as a Marine. He isn’t!

  12. America has become weak, soft, perverted, entitled, socialist, woke, and most of all distracted! The end is coming faster than ever expected and it will be a surprise, it will be swift and shocking to the free world.

    While the west is rapidly weakening, our enemies are very very patient, and they are strengthening. The lefties need not worry about climate change!

  13. Media doing their best to split the American people between Paul and Brittney

  14. That part why wasn’t he released also that’s BS 😮….. smoke ain’t even legal in all 50 states yet ….. I’m a smoker I’m an advocate for marijuana but this is BS

  15. People saying Biden should've gotten Whelan instead don't realize that long before Russia took Griner, if Russia at any point wanted to trade Whelan for the terrorist, it could've been done. Also, Whelan was taken four years ago. Who was president four years ago? Donald Trump the dealmaker. He couldn't get it done. What makes Biden so different? Some people just want Griner to perish.

  16. Paul Whelan was born in Canada, not the United States. He can wait this one out.

  17. HE DID NOT QUESTION why.He is intelligent and understands why his brother is still there.UPCHUCK TODD and his Maga network is attempting to speak for this family when they are fully aware that Biden did not choose the prisoner.This Maggat is actually putting words in this mans mouth as he is speaking,David Whelan said,"Biden made the right call"As the Putin praising Maga cult blast social media with sudden arms control concerns,Todd 2 months ago did a story about how Biden wasnt doing enough for Griner.


  19. omg, the Biden's admin has to do whatever it takes to get Paul home. let's get our marine home!!!!

  20. It's obviously total BS on Biden's part. Both because of the War Criminal he released and the person he left behind. This seriously reduced his chance at getting reelected. Hope he's happy. 🙄

  21. este da acest mai taica tu nu ca nu erai nici macar nascut ci ci mama ta cu tatal tau nici macar nju se cunosteau ce am scris minciuna? deci in realitate revplutiile a d e v a r a t e au o perida de pregatire si in acest caz a fost intre 1982 si 1990 da sa intels ca cam ori ce are se mai intelge ca…. perioda pregatitore da sa fie clasificata ca r e v o l u t i e adevarata recunoscuta si de sociologie dsi de se mai spun ingineri trategie planificare sau planificatori da asa se spun sau inginer planificare. sau da militari strateg …. clar atestat ca profesionist. da..si alte e x p r e s i i din filologiii date si la jurnale s t i r i si parti ascunse si ale deci unele mai nu le puublicati ca asa vor uni ca este foarte d e r a n j a n t dar stim acum noi da aste se spune ca erau ziaristi si jurnalisti da acel cu indicatia pretiosa a inca in functie a t u n c i ca se umpleau uni de indicatia pretiosa limitati numarul la e d i t i a din edutura si aci mai aici este edutura minister e x t e r n e vreti sa ne facem de c a c a t cind au fost la sedinta aia si jurnalisti straini deci din alte teritorii uni da in minister externe de bune practici da ce vreti sa ne facem de r a j a t ca negam adevarul da directii din ministere e x t e r n e ca au participat d e l e g a t i straini da intere 1982 si dupa 1990




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  22. Paul whelan is probably a spy. he has 4 citizenships, making many trips to russia…doesnt look good buddy.

  23. Why bring a basketball player who doesn't serve the country home for? Someone who committed drug crime? Wtf is going on Biden? And you care for her safety and wellness? Stop holding press conference bringing her home. You just lost some votes now. Congrats democrats. Time to change party now


  25. Pour guy. Would of much rather had him instead of her. Ugh. Life’s unfair for a man. Man. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  26. Where is our marine? Griner isn’t a priority. She doesn’t even have respect for our flag.

  27. In a time of war, Puttin has the right man on his side " Merchant of Death ".

  28. Y'all ain't said jack crap about his release with news coverage for over three years until this crack head get home 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 man you Caucasian people really are making other country kidnap y'all under suspicious of being spies and other countries maybe even terrorists so gone on with all this cry baby stuff America had three years to make that deal and they choose trade a arms dealer for a crack head yeah I said it and if you try to sue me good luck freedom of speech. At least I know how to protect myself when America trade comes around I want be a victim of spying or even being a crackhead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣