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Day in the Life of a Blogger – the UNGLAMOROUS version!! | Fashion Mumblr VLOGTOBER

Yep, this is what a normal ‘Blogger Admin’ day looks like – no glamorous photo shoots and events, or even video filming or photo taking – here is the side of being a blogger that you DON’T see!

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  1. What a pretty and cozy working corner. I think I caught a glimpse of your handwriting. It is absolutely lovely!

  2. I really enjoyed this Video! It was very informative! I think you should make some more videos like this! 🙂

  3. It's strange to me how some people didn't understand this already. Bloggers and YouTubers work just as well as everyone else. The only difference is that they are more independent than others because they are their own Boss. I have always respected your hard work Josie. Your Autumn Edit had me amazed. You did one in Summer and you are planning to do one in Winter as well? People seriously, that requires a whole lot of working. Love you Josie! 💖

  4. Am I weird for finding this vlog piece still glamorous? Especially the unboxing! I love Dexter! <3

  5. I have to say, I like many of your videos, but this one is the most interesting! I used to do some sponsored posts on my blog, but as my blog grew and more and more companies contacted me for collaboration, I felt overwhelmed and stopped blogging, because to me it was a hobby. So yeah, I can relate a bit how serious the business of being a full time blogger/ vlogger is. You are very productive, Josie!

  6. HOLY COW GIRL, that is a busy busy schedule you've got going on… the amount of emails make me anxious haha! Boy you know what, I'm trying to make it as a full time blogger and this really helped give me some realistic insight into that lifestyle behind the glamour so thanks so much for making this video 🙂 x Beauty Nomad

  7. Josie, please include link to your lovely pjs!

  8. Cacao nibs give a nice crunch to bliss balls. 🙂

  9. This kind of video I find so meaningful — the rounded-out understanding of all you do (which is so overlooked and sometimes underappreciated). I enjoy your videos immensely, their variety and spirit, and I have great respect for everything you do to bring them to us. Thank you. Also, I would love to see a video about palettes – they're my current obsession!

  10. Thank you for sharing this side of blogging I thought I was the only one stuck up with all the work and looking at other bloggers it's easy to think they have it all together and having teams of people helping them out etc so it's nice to see that others go through the same experience as a blogger. ♥️✌🏽 keep putting up those videos please.
    Much ❤️ From AbuDhabi

  11. Would ovsae the recipe for the energy balls ??? What was the name of the recipe book as I want to get healthy and in the process lose weight. No job is glamerous as there is always hard work behind it unless they are being niave. I wish I could do a TV report about the work carers do for the carers point of view as there are so many damning reports out there about care homes and abuse and yet so many of that work our socks off day and night as we love our clients and we go aboe and beyond the call of duty. All of this make life more colourful aand interesting. Love your vlogs and fashion Josie, kep them coming!!!! oxo

  12. I love love loveddd this video, good to see behind the scenes.
    Coincidentally my cat did NOT like your voice on high speed 😹😹😹

  13. This is the first video I have ever seen of yours and I really enjoyed it, very motivating!

  14. Thank you for being so honest and transparent about what you do! I definitely think this BTS kind of video is much needed what with today's oft-warped perception of blogger life!

  15. This is just a wonderful insight. I really do admire your dedication and you should be so proud of your accomplishments. Without a doubt a girl after my heart, pjs always end up going on! xx

  16. Loved the video! Does anyone happen to know the song in the backround? Xx

  17. I absolutely LOVE that your house looks like a "normal persons" home!!!! <3 There is a couple of things here and there, you actually have stuff laing around. It's a really cosy and nice place, but not PERFECT if you see what I mean. It is sooooo nice to that with you famous guys as well as us normal people 😉 Love your style as well, you seem like a really sweet person! <3 Love from Norway

  18. this was really informative, thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow : O that seems very exhausting! Thanks for this video, I´m thinking on making a blog but know very little about the job. This video was very helpful!

  20. Please show me how you pop your hair up like that!!!
    I struggle so bad with quick up-dos

  21. The Waveapps.com (website and download) helps with accounting (income and outgoing) you only have to type these in several times and from then on it automatically starts keeping track of these. It is so handy. You can also connect it to bank account to keep up with automatic deposits (like from Amazon and eBay.) and regular expenses.

  22. Well done for this video – its nice to see the reality of the work involved.

  23. Love love your blogger mail videos.

  24. I loved this video! Do you mind me asking where you find your background music? xo

  25. I love seeing your blogger mail x

  26. Love seeing the blogger mail, it's really interesting

  27. Where is your dressing table from? It's flawless😍

  28. Thanks for letting us in behind the scenes of a blogger it was insightful.

    I never get tired of blogger mail, it's good to see the products before they launch nationwide. Looking forward to the nxt blogger mail!

  29. I really appreciate how real and lovely you are in your vlogs. I feel like they are the most realistic vlogs and simultaneously the most enjoyable to watch. Keep up the good work! P.S. I can so relate to the scary cave that is the inbox! Love from Guam

  30. I actually really enjoyed this video, it was really interesting to see everything you have to do behind the scenes! I'd love more videos like this!! X

  31. I actually really enjoyed this video, it was really interesting to see everything you have to do behind the scenes! I'd love more videos like this!! X

  32. Love that Em was in the vid too!
    My 2 favourite girls to watch.💕

  33. Yes to blogger mail please. I love it!! What a fabulous perk :0)

  34. I actually quite enjoyed this video. It's nice to just see the normal working day of a self-employed person and blogger. Not everything is marble flat-lays, amazing food and goodie bags! 😉 great vid Hun xx

  35. Hiya love these videos and love the blogger mail thanx for sharing 😊 x

  36. Really interesting video!! thanks for sharing!! xx

  37. I love this video, this has to be one of my fave videos of yours, please do more of these vlogs.

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