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Dayton hero recalls 'dead stare' in killer's eyes l ABC News

Jeremy Ganger, a bouncer at Ned Peppers in Dayton, Ohio, told ABC News he grabbed as many people as he could and guarded the bar’s entrance to keep them safe.

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  1. So the media is still pretending the dayton shooter was a leftist antifa advocate and Warren supporter. They are ignoring all his social media post about radical leftist violence. Sad. They called out El Paso for a good reason, but they create more division by not acknowledging the truth.

  2. He's not going to beat me… Words of a hero!

  3. I wouldn't surprise me if that bouncer could whip his ass,look at him big mf🧐

  4. ah, yes….that would be CIA black-ops….. basic Crisis Asset programming 101. Shooter's noggin totally washed-out. Just totin' a weapon in a designated kill zone & following instructions. Sophisticated Guv mind-control tech has been around a loooooong time. "Huh? What?? Ayyyeee beeeee ceeeee didn't tell us about that! Uh-uhhhhh"

  5. So fake. Crisis actor.

  6. If the bouncer would of had a gun the threat would of been neutralized faster

  7. That man is HARDCORE. A true hero, at heart

  8. Not saying it IS, but a 'dead stare' in a killer's eyes COULD be a sign of hypnotic mind control.

  9. The bouncer is a hero love him for doing that and saving peoples lives 👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Jeremy Ganger, a lying paid SHILL! It was a drill under Operation Vigilant Guard! Nobody died, and you can tell that is the sound of non-lethal weapons. That is not even close to being the sounds of gunfire!

  11. Gracias saludos paz bien verdad justicia adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo Bolton 2020 en familia equipo por siempre!!

  12. Live in Ohio not a racist act , but a crazy guy with a gun , hope they go after the person that sold it to him , they knew he had mental problems

  13. The security guard from Parkland would've left that door wide open like his butt cheeks for big Bubba to enter freely.

  14. This man Rocks. Awsome human being. Thanks you

  15. Let me see if I have this straight. Donald Trump becomes president and the whole world turns out in protest including major US cities. He goes to the G2 summit in Germany a riot breaks out holding up a sign saying "welcome to hell". He calls the Democratic Party the party of crime and someone begins mailing pipe bombs to Democratic leaders. He creates a university in his name defrauds his students and pays 22 million in restitution so he can become president. Today he is going to Texas and Ohio showing his sympathy when nobody wants him there because people are being killed by what he says on his campaign speeches. I don't know about anybody else but I'm beginning to see a pattern in what it takes to be a president of the United States of American. It wasn't his TV show that set me straight it was a movie instead. If the president was to hang by a rope over a crocodile pit in his jockstrap with a piece of chicken hanging out of his asshole then I would say he is the president of the people. The movie name was the jackass movie. I'm beginning to wonder if smoking pot and playing with yourself instead of going to work is that much of a sin living in America these days? What other choices do you have and let's be real, I guess someone could vote for lawgivers giving common sense back to the world, but I don't see it happening anymore being the natural citizen that I am (I was born here and I am white, another minority being given a bad name). Maybe someone could invent something like reusable toilet paper and I could be proud of being a capitalist again. I think I will wait and see what happens when Donald Trump returns back home to his place of origin!

    PS. If you don't like what I'm saying do the world a favor and show some content behind your name. From a musician's point of view that is like talking to someone that has no soul. It doesn't surprise me that people with no soul believe a narcissistic billionaire spreading hate out of his words should be president.

  16. The media needs to stop covering anything that deal with mass shootings. All they see is money, but me I see people buying it all up to the point that people stampee all over each other in public places at any type of loud sound. These cases are rare and there's no need to keep feeding an unnecessary wild fire.

  17. Wow..It really blows my mind & cannot wrap my mind around that Americans willing to..
    •Risk everyone's lives over baning all guns to civilians.
    •Ban death sentence to save violence criminal's lives in some States but not ban guns to save innocent people's lives.

  18. Wow! What an angel! God bless him! What a true hero!!!

  19. The killer had major mental issues.Why does the news NOT cover this?
    It does not fit their agenda to disarm Americans.
    How many shit sandwiches are you people gonna eat?

  20. He had the look of a typical savage American!

  21. No gone in hand beast mode.

  22. the shooter was antifa and was in communication with several left wing journalists. His attack was motivated by racial hatred towards whites.

  23. Sick little fucking insel!


  25. How did he stop the shooter from getting in the bar? The guy had a gun and the fat bouncer was unarmed.

  26. wow one tough guy he did only few ppl can do

  27. The killer must have gone through a lot of hardships in his life but still, there's no justifiable reason to take someones life away 😔

  28. He was fantastic, Thank you to the bouncer

  29. "If I don't go back, he wins."

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