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Dayton, Ohio shooting: Officials give update on August 4 shooting in downtown Oregon District

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  1. Some of these comments are a trip.
    While I understand the media doesn't present this one same as others due to political views. Regardless, as we cant blame all whites for a supremest actions. These shooters are all exactly the same. It's not fake news, it's old news the media has an agenda. Its obvious. Cool. Got it. These dudes shooting random ass people is an extreme act of cowardice.
    Parents, let your children be their own individual. Teach and shape them by giving knowledge. That's it. Do not medicate your kids and definitely let them practice their own free will early on. Dont radicalize them through your sick beliefs now that you feel like a failure and are grossly disappointed in yourself


  3. President Trump. Betrayed and deceived Americans by giving far-left democrats everything they wanted – his Red Flag and Pre-Crime Prison and other news laws violating the US constitution and 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Trump knows that the many recent staged set up fake preplanned premeditated multiple “mass shootings” committed by far-left democrat dictators using tricks and heinous crimes against humanity to take guns away from good US citizens.

  4. How To Stop Or Eliminate Mass Gun Violence Events. 1) Middle school grades 8 & 9 shall have gun awareness and safety classes for all students, 2) High school grades 10 & 11 shall have firearms proficiency training (class & live fire) to include defensive tactics for home and public events, 3) High school seniors shall obtain a concealed carry permit as a criteria to graduate . They must demonstrate they have learned gun safety and show proficiency in the use and storage of firearms. 4) Eliminate all soft targets from banning guns from licensed individuals such as schools, churches, restaurants, etc. 5) Allow Open Carry for licensed individuals in all 50 states. That’s All Do you believe a crazed person would attempt to shoot-up a church or shopping center if they will potentially be facing 100 trained & armed people? NOPE.

  5. Still he is not a 'CHRISTIAN or Jewish terrorist '. He is simply a 'white male' and a 'mentally disturbed guy'.

    All terrorists are mental case. No religion teaches terrorism. Islam is most vocal and explicit against any chaos and terrorism. But to the judgement of the Western world, exceptions are Muslims '. They always are the black-sheep killing people in cold blood according to their civilised (!) judgement. Adoph Hitler was never a Christian Terrorist!

    God has saved ' Muslims ' from infamy yet another time. He is not an 'Islamic or Izlamic terrorist ' after all. Thank God!

    THINK! God has always His own ways to demonstrate justice. Firing and killing innocent people with mass state firepower will always backfire at home.

    My sincerest sympathy for those innocent buddies and their families who lost their lives helplessly.

  6. Fortnite is a selfish egocentric ultra repetitive game that promotes violence. It is antisocial suppresses creativity and players are lobotomized.

  7. Dayton handled the situation so well and very transparent. I appreciate it.

  8. I’m impressed by the city government there and especially the police for how this was handled and explained.

  9. But you lefty out the part about his twitter page being plastered with support for many of the democratic candidates….listing their names. You people are so predictable ~~

  10. Get this outdated news out of here.

  11. they are just wanting to further divide the people! police are nothing but collection agents for the state!

  12. we all know the endgame is to take away all of our guns!! Gun Free Zones are Criminal empowerment zones!!!!! how can we trust the police when they aleady violate citizens rights every single day!! maybe if you start holding them accountable then MAYBE we will talk about gun rights!

  13. Common sense … recall the drug queen and end her sanctuary for criminals! Dayton Drug Capital of Ohio leaves no question why a ANTIFA drug addict goes crazy!

  14. 25:00 You're not going to see actual proof of this BS, cause it's "Sensitive"? SMH! When will the sheeple wake up!?! After they under total marxist rule?

  15. Not to be rude, but who wants a politician that they have never met before come to a family funeral?

  16. Why doesn't the goverment just categorize white supremict ,antifa and any other destructive group. A terrorist group that can be dismantled by the FBI??

  17. The shooter is clearly vaping in the video after he returns to the car and before the shooting as he’s walking through the parking lot, after he comes out of dumpster, and as he walks back down the alley. I can’t believe no one pointed out that huge plume of smoke.

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