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Dayton, Ohio shooting: Police give update on overnight shooting | ABC News

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  1. You think pouring more guns into the street is going to make you safer. Next you want to start arming ex-felons in the midst of your hysteria. Why don't you tell us how many gun control laws have been passed in the last 20 years?  

    Ronald Reagan was protected by the best armed guards and he and others were still shot. 64 cops were murdered by guns in 2016. 45 in 2017. 52 in 2018. So far 29 in 2019. That's already over 150 cops murdered by guns just alone during Trump administration. But you want to put more guns on the street so more cops can get murdered too as well as stacking up the body count of civilians. If you tell me that's the price to keep your machine guns and assault rifles, then you are part of the problem not part of the solution.

  2. Dayton Ohio is a freakin World Record! 9 dead 27 wounded in 30 seconds. More amazing fact's The victims were not standing in a strait line! But their shoes landed in one pile. BRAVO! Look's like the video games are working!

  3. So sad. Prayers to Ohio families!

  4. Why isn’t this one Trump’s fault?

  5. 30 seconds and so many dead.

  6. Along with deep sympathy to the victims families, I would also like to say that assault rifles should in NO WAY be available to members of the public.

  7. media have too stop.Now building some body else up that has a mental problem.I know that their job but alot influence over media and social media.Now some body else that has a mental problem going to go even Bigger.wow just don't understand

  8. How many mass shooting in the 1930's,40-50-60-70-80?You did not have go through process buying a gun everyone had a gun.Back in those days what's different now? Media and social Media Everyone has a young mine want the attention and be famous.So sad.

  9. # Make America Hate Again??????

  10. As prepared the shooter may have been, he wasn't prepared for this Department's Ready Officers.

  11. Bad things happen when too many people get pushed into the one box. At Christmas people stampede and crush each other to get the best deal or latest doll!

  12. Government is the one making these people go postal. Illegal immigrants and legal immigrants get more and have more rights than Naturally Born Americans. Just the beginning. Take guns to Congress not Walmart. Congress is screwing Naturally Born Americans

  13. Now let's blame the inanimate guns everyone because our thought process cannot explore beyond that to help find a real solution.

  14. This shit has to stop. If I remember correctly, one of the recent shooters said he did it for the attention. Stop talking about this shit if it gets these fucks hard

  15. So he’s not a terrorist yet “He’s a gun man”, huh terrorizing the fuck out of people… Rest In Peace to those innocent people man.

  16. The Dayton Ohio shooter was a left-wing liberal socialist who hated all Republicans especially Trump.

  17. Get rid of “Gun free zones” aka sheeple killing galleries.

  18. I feel so sad that in this day in age, we have to be scared to go out of your own home. It’s is terrifying to know that you might be involved in a mass shooting every time you want to leave your house. When ever you want to have a good night you HAVE to be alert. I have to make sure that where I am is not going to be a target for a shooting. When I am older and have children why should I be scared to take them to a mall or a restaurant? I pray for a the family’s that have been affected by this terrible, terrible event.

  19. Please GOD protect all americans with a personal rifle so they can back themselves up in a massive shooting 😂

  20. Wow it's crazy listen to this at 56 sec start at 50 you can hear a evp of a spirit saying. YEAH no joke check it out..

  21. Legalized and affordable brothels would have prevented this mark my word

  22. A .223 LIKE rifle???¿¿¿ lol!!

  23. Turns out, he was an ANTIFA loving piece of shit 😡

  24. It was nice to see the bad guy die at the end… but to many were lost first

  25. Sad…. I hope when it comes time to vote in 2020 we choose a person that will truly change the laws and do what’s right for us

  26. 8:08 Important info starts here

  27. "It is the duty of every citizen to be at all times armed"

    Thomas Jefferson

  28. "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants, they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homocides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.
    Disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes."

    Thomas Jefferson

  29. So 6 black persons
    1 white his sister and him
    A terrorist attack his sister tried to avoid


  31. *********ANTIFA********** !!

  32. what a psycho. he killed his sister. rest in peace to this poor souls☹️💔

  33. Had an honest gun owner been there, caring concealed, there would NOT have been that many killed and wounded.

  34. Mr. Mike DeWine~ your voice is absent. Step up or step out. Piss on party allegiances~ deep breath~ and do what you KNOW needs to be done. Ohio needs guidance and governance, to be an example of recovery, restructuring and rebuilding. Let that cheezy motto 'heart of it all' mean SOMETHING.

  35. But please…uphold your 2nd amendment just in case the government goes pear shaped and there is a reprisal of a tyrannical state militia…right to bear arms!

  36. Whats the clown Donald the Mcdonald clown doing about this besides looking for shit with China

  37. Ban violence war video games now…. what is wrong with this morons? The course of this problems is stirring before your eyes 👀 and u won’t address it.

  38. How did he come to the conclusion that the shooter is very very sick!!! Omg, the police does not know and trump immediately decided the shooter is mentally ill! He is a whites male who's calculative to get the rifle from Texas, wore a protective vest etc and the first thing is he is a mentally ill person. And adding we have done a lot more than the previous admis but 'perhaps' we should do more! There's no place fir hate in our country. Well, then Mr. President, back up ur hate and get the hell out of the white house

  39. He killed his sister too! Who was she with? This is horrible !😪

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