Democrat who warned Twitter about Hunter Biden censorship story praised

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Dagen McDowell and Strategic Wealth Partners CEO Mark Tepper discusses Rep. Ro Khanna’s ,D-Calif., role in Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden story and the release of the ‘Twitter files.’

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  1. She says we, I see no mouse in her pocket, anyone talking after this regime are all liars, and the truth isn’t in them

  2. This guy has got balls.FJB

  3. I will never praise any democrap after what they have done to this nation !!!!!!

  4. Khanna will get less from the DNC for telling the truth.

  5. Don’t let these women with the stupid fake eyelashes look down while in front of a camera. Ridiculous

  6. Hunter is guilty but the damage has been done years ago.

  7. It can’t be old news because it was suppressed with it coming out now makes it new news

  8. As far as Fox we Patriots should boycott Fox because of what they did to Lauren Trump. As far as me I'm done with fox. Lauren Trump did nothing but good for Fox.

  9. America has grown, socialist, corrupt, woke, weak, distracted, comfortable, & perverted." America is on life support and will fall militarily very decisively and very soon!

  10. FBI and DOJ biggest corruption in USA 🇺🇸 History 2022 !!!

  11. Schumer Pelosi party put allways party before democracy or before anything .

  12. I hope they add her in for charges…gaslighting the American public.

  13. Part 2 will be another earthquake revelation of Biden's administration and Twitter's election fraud of 2022 mid-term election!!

  14. The Truth is a u healthy decision for them!

  15. Nail him Elon, God will protect you against the attack of the devil worshipers, EXPOSE THE EVIL, the rest of the world knows the TRUTH.

  16. Thank you Ro Khanna ! ! ! ! !

  17. Always looking for the answer

  18. Someone impeach Hunter already. He's been president for way to long.

  19. Distractions for Bozo and his cohorts- to have to face investigations, indictments, prosecutions, impeachment and imprisonment ⚖️

  20. First it was Russian disinformation now it's old news? Love how they admit it without admitting it.

  21. No, the real news is the Biden family corruption, treason and destruction of our Country.

  22. Rep. Chris Stewart



    The White House directed the DOD to discharge 3,300 Marines, 1,800 soldiers, 1,800 sailors, and 900 airmen based on their decision to not take the COVID vaccine. There's no doubt this decision put our national security at risk. The end of this mandate is a win for America.

  23. Does this young lady not know , they will throw her under the bus, when push comes to shove

  24. What a corrupt government. Everyone runs cover for everyone else's crimes. Spineless Republicans enough of sitting on the side lines.

  25. USA and EU will soon be a third world country… Great Reset

  26. Trump Organization Guilty of FRAUD ⚖️💰💰💰12/6/22 👍

  27. The Federal Government Has Gotten To Big 💯 This Is What Happens ✅85%Of Fed Gov Are Corrupt And Traitors 🎯

  28. Lie After Lie 🤬 All Traitors Must Pay For Their Actions 💯

  29. This Press Secretary is stupid & evil…totally incapable of health.

  30. LET MR REMIND ALL YOU GOOD PEOPLE. No matter what PROOF they show concerning Hunter, in the end DADDY will "PARDON" him. Oh, and do another Maxine Waters, walk away with all the money.

  31. Call it old news if you please but news that hasn't been addressed.