Friday , August 14 2020
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Democrats And Republicans Make Their Case For And Against Impeaching Trump | NBC News Now

Democrats and Republicans used the only remaining scheduled public impeachment hearing to make their arguments for, or against, impeaching President Trump.
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Democrats And Republicans Make Their Case For And Against Impeaching Trump | NBC News Now


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  1. Rep.making this a kangaroo court with their childless acts .A play in order for disruption a blame on dems.when Trimp is crazy corrupt..wether you dem or rep. This animal must go

  2. IG report shows the democrats & the Obama admin's stunning abuse of power, how the MSM has been lying to us for 3+ years, and no shocker as NBC is still pushing this impeachment sham on behalf of their masters. Sad day in American history when our enemy is right in front of our eyes.

  3. Who's the biggest liar in history?

    Donald Trump.

  4. Trump ordered a halt of aid, Trump asked for a favor, an investigation. Trump personally benefits from this action. Who else benefits from a delay in aid? 
    Why did Trump wait until after Biden got into the race to do this? Why did the WH move the transcript from its normal storage place to a top secret server?

  5. I wonder if this is how it went with Nixon, course we all know trump is too pig headed to resign.

  6. All i want for Christmas is Trump impeached. What an embarrassment to America!

  7. Obama administration guilty beyond belief must face the music.

  8. Senate trial will end this lynching. Democrats in glass houses should not throw impeachment hearings

  9. "Where's the impeachable offense?"

    Where indeed. Still waiting for any facts or evidence to be brought up…

  10. What Car is similar to trumps Impeachment? Answer: A 2018 Dodge Charger SRT Demon. 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.3 seconds and we all know being a Dodge, they are broken down on the street soon after. There is no parts that will be able to repair Trump though so I guess there is that difference.

  11. WE HAVE a real fasist in the chair (Naddler)its not fair to repubicans at all . I am not Democrat by the way.

  12. the impeachable offense: 1.)violation of the impoundment control act – money (32 Million) still being withheld today. still violating the law . . .
    2.)obstruction of justice for the insane policy of completely defying congressional subpoena
    3.)bribery of a Ukrainian Official – selling out American national interest for personal gain (treasonous really . . . )
    [let's not even mention dotard foreign policy and how that has endangered America to putin's benefit . . . ]
    so there are 3 that have been admitted to and for which there is no defense

  13. A massive document dump over the weekend!!! Wicked

  14. Its clear Trump is a self-centred sociopath who in the blink of an eye would run over those who support his lies, if it suited him.

  15. The case for impeaching Trump is laid out in the Constitution in black and white.

  16. It’s time to say goodbye and give us back a normal life.

  17. let me drop this bombshell Congress center in the supreme Court is an illegitimate puppet government put in place by the global corporations at this point the only representative of the people is Donald Trump he has a right to order the arrest of congress senate in the supreme Court can I make this any clearer

  18. People keep forgetting that this is not a popularity contest.
    If someone breaks the law, they cannot get away with it just because they're popular. All should be equal in the eyes of the law.

  19. Webster's new entry " Rapepublicans." ; Those who molest the Constitution of the United States of America!

  20. I wouldn't hire Castor to walk my dog or get my groceries because god knows the trash he put in that bag.

  21. We should have seen the writing on the Wall, when he threatened Mexico to pay for it! Seriously! Mic'19 Marianne Williamson 2020

  22. If you can't see through the Republican counsel's obvious lies and aversion to simple questions, you are either willfully ignorant or sheepishly naive. You are like the bruised and battered woman in an abusive relationship that keeps thinking things are going to get better. Republicans are making us look foolish and history will remember the bruises they are leaving on America.

  23. The GOP(party over country)majority in the Senate will never vote to convict. Remember that when you cast your votes.

  24. Next Nutless Neddler will call Joe & Mika as impeachment tv expert. 🤣
    Democrats lost it.

  25. For Trump a Christmas 🎁 from 🎅 , a 🍑.

  26. Be honest to yourselves.. How will feel if one of your child go outside to try set up another of your child because they don't agree?

  27. We should look into Hunter just to clear the air. Did Hunter break the law? Answer is probably yes.

  28. Dems just got Trump reelected without knowing. Congrats Trump2020

  29. Banana Republic! Remove Trump from Office. Americans, save your democracy, your country!

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