Wednesday , August 10 2022

Democrats Look To Roe Decision To Drive Voter Turnout

After the Supreme Court struck down Roe V. Wade after nearly 50 years, Democrats hope the abortion issue will increase voter turnout. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Democrats Look To Roe Decision To Drive Voter Turnout


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  1. I'm glad they overturned Roe v Wade. "No uterus, no opinion." You got it. The opinion of those 9 men without uteri doesn't matter anymore. Thank you, come again.

  2. Yeah cause “vote for me and I’ll let you murder your children” is totally a winning strategy 💀

  3. I would expect more to come out and vote on inflation because that affects all of us. Quit trying to hide behind this.

  4. In other news, the first woman in history was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for trafficking kids to no one!

  5. Good luck with that losers.Burning churches, defaming people with racist lies like they're doing to Thomas, trashing women's clinics that help pregnant women does not win you votes from anyone but sociopaths…on second thought considering what's left in the party? Lol!

  6. God knows they have nothing else to run on

  7. Joe Biden is a demonic POS!!!!! Trump in 2024!

  8. The economy should still be the focus

  9. This was planned. They sat on their hands about this issue every time they had the chance to prevent this. They’ve also been pushing for transgenderism— anti-woman policies— so they truly don’t care about women at all. They just use us as useful tools at voting time.

  10. We need a huge blue wave tsunami to hit these fascist Republicans and their radical Supreme Court!

  11. Congratulations woke mob, while you were policing everyone’s pronouns and complaining about student debt, the extremists on the right were plotting against your sense of entitlement. You never thought you’d see this happen because you take your liberty for granted and this is proof we can never do that. We must all be willing to step up and participate in our government. Vote, volunteer, protest, and serve!

  12. How will this affect their base. Dead voters.

  13. Thank you Lord🙏for leading me to Dr Osaba on YouTube who was able to restore me & my husband back to life by curing me & my husband from HIV

  14. No one seems to grasp why this could happen. Well, this actually happened years ago. The Original Constitution, the one that exclaimed "We the People", placed authority and power first to "We the People". The States came second and the Federal Government came third, with Limited Authority! They have actually flipped the Constitution on "We the People"! As American's "We the People" must take back our Constitutional power and authority from the Unconstitutional Thieves! Nothing will change until we do so!

  15. The same sik foks who tried to force all the genders to get the experimental clot shot a few months ago and still are today. Want a bunch of clowns and hypocrites

  16. Lying under oath is impeachable 😡

  17. Biden needs to appoint more judges, politicians come and go, judges have life time appointments 🙄 term limits are in order 😡

  18. All these government people said let’s band abortions Let’s move you to Canada where you belong

  19. judge Thomas is a fink