Democrats set to start ‘24 presidential primary in South Carolina for the first time

The Democratic Party passed the new presidential primary calendar, making South Carolina the first primary voting state in 2024. The decision ends the party’s 50-year-old tradition of starting the primary process in New Hampshire. NBC News’ Marissa Parra explains the historical change.

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  1. Please no joe biden and no trump

  2. The economy sucks,sucks bad,really bad . Biden has to go.

  3. That’s all they ever do in America is campaigning!

  4. Most black vote dem I see..boy this country is so divided

  5. South Carolina will not let the state turn blue,

  6. 2 PETER CHAPTER 3✍️✍️✍️

  7. So they can't start in Iowa because of too many white people? Imagine someone saying they couldn't start in a given state because of too many black or brown people. Those Dem's sure do like their racism, don't they? Get too much heat for having slaves and Jim Crow? Fine. They'll just switch colors and be racist against someone else. Nothing but a bunch of hate peddlers.

  8. Remember to vote for marcel Dixon y’all.
    Clyburn hasn’t done ANYTHING for the black community in decades!

  9. The Democratic establishment wants to make sure only corporate Democrats win the nomination. Moreover, S. Carolina is a solid red state. This would be like if the GOP made California the first state to vote in their primary.

  10. Anyone holding a Biden sign must have a IQ of a crayon !

  11. I'm gonna go chop wood . pardon a relevamt rant we are the displaced not you crybabies.

  12. You get cold weather no expense is spared to help the white people. We get cold weather we never see a dime. Where are our Housing Projects? You say theres no money, but you won't prosecute the thieves. Thats where you run out of PAPER? You steal all the water and sell it, but you won't bring Infrastructure to the Nations- not even Broadband which is just a signal in the air.

  13. Latin Americans are also native and we have replenished our ranks from the Genocide you perpetrated on our people. While you are entrenched white/black, me and my red brothers are business owners, and the Moving Force in all elections. We will vote for the GOOD and we will vote against EVIL. Treaties are binding agreements between nations and become part of international law. UPHOLD YOUR LAWS IT WILL HELP US DECIDE.

  14. Its all a staged play folks. They love keeping you stuck on Democrat vs Republican. Gatekeepers to your consciousness… Your voice matters bahahahahaha bahahahaha keep standing in line. Oh wait you can mail em in now.. bahahahaha

  15. P.trumps soon INAUGURATION will be historic, and the majority who reelected p trump in 2020 have not forgotten that he was Overthrown in 2020, and p.trump isn't stupid he knows there going to try and do it again

  16. Democrats have a habit of nominating the most corrupt candidates possible as they did with CROOKED HILLARY AND CROOKED JOE “THE BIG GUY” BIDEN, head of the Biden International Crime Family.

  17. Please get someone other than Biden. I know he’s done a lot of good, and I will vote for any dem over a Republican, but I’d rather have someone new. God I’m hoping for a. Katie Porter run in the future.

  18. Biden/Fetterman 2024!!! 😂

  19. Oh boy!! Let the debates begin. Lmao 😂😂

  20. All for their agenda but everyone else is crooked

  21. Hey people. Start getting along better with each other. The government hates it.

  22. Because they want the corrupt Republican lites in the Democratic party to have every advantage over the leftists.

  23. So now all voting options have been Rigged to STEAL all "elections" it's time to "campaign"

  24. If diversity is the real reason for the change, Blue State California is much more diverse than Red State South Carolina. Sounds more like a gift for Congressman Clyburn.

  25. Iowa is a ghost town… and most people are the color of ghost

  26. Someone is getting replaced!!!!love it!

  27. Whoever democrats choose to run for 2024 petty sure is going to lose, l don't think we can take 4 more years of this mess!

  28. God bless Donald Trump for 2024 ! We can all make america great again !

  29. I really hope we can get Kamala as president. She's so beautiful, intelligent, and kind. 😍