Sunday , November 29 2020
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Dems are going about impeachment in 'illegitimate fashion': Spicer

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer discusses the impeachment inquiry.

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  1. President Trump needs to grab his military and arrest these coup traitors and hold them accountable for Treason Now !

  2. Vows – MY Darling Queen 😘😗😙😚👸🏻🤗😍👫💏👌🏻says the KING 🤴🏻

  3. Spicer: the man who lied to us over and over and over.

  4. So corrupt it's going down God is in control Trump is going to win people said they don't like Trump but Democrat so corrupt they see

  5. AOC wants to abolish prisons,so there is no place to lock up guilty Democrats. That leaves a firing squad,not an idiot squad.

  6. trump is above the law!! we should change the constitution so he can run for president 5 times like FDR!

  7. inquisition not an impeachment, Democrats trying to protect the swamp and kickbacks

  8. Remind me what Constitutional requirement or what law the democrats have violated in the impeachment inquiry. Oh, right — none.
    But the Conman-in-Chief admitted to several felonies, right on live tv, and then, for good measure, committed one, right there on camera. What a pathetic bunch of gutless whiners the remaining TrumpTards are, led by the Whiner-in-Chief, good old Gutless BoneSpurs.
    It will be a pleasure to watch his transfer from the White House to the Big House. After all, orange (as in jumpsuits) is his color.

  9. FAKE POLLS by FAKE NEWS. Don't believe the polls anymore, stick with your common sense.

  10. Something that caught my attention he said, was those that are in the center and their unsure let me say this, its NOT about Trumps tweets or how he comes off to many Americans. It's not about how Trump can boast about what he's done on Tweeter or in front of reporters. It is about what have the democratic party accomplished in the last 3 years. Come on you shouldn't have to look far. All Trump is doing is fighting back. He's NOT going to sit down on this coup of liars. And a fact neither are we. Forget the bullsh** get to the heart of what he has done for ALL Americans. Be smart and weigh it out. Dems have done what zero (0) nada nothing. Now, with impeachment for three years hanging over his head day in and day out what has this President done. There's your truth and your answer.

  11. Donald Trump Commander and Chief!

  12. The DNC helped WRITE the whistle blower report, of COURSE they knew what was coming. The DNC just didn't figure it would blow up on them this bad.

  13. We don't have to be told that it's politically motivated we already know Trump 20/20 Republicans 20/20 I'm a independent voter

  14. It's all a con by dems and corrupt media.

  15. The only real whistle blower is Monica Lewinsky

  16. Why isn’t Sean practicing his dance routine for Dancing with the Stars?

  17. An impeachment against Trump is an impeachment against Trump voters! Remember that and vote these morons out of office!

  18. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  19. I really like this host. He covers the facts in detail and has great guests.

  20. I need some arrest… immediately!

  21. This will only make everyone GO to the POLLS and VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP in OFFICE in 2020…. Democrats and the News MEDIA WILL HOPEFULLY FALL BY THE WAYSIDE. .. GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS.WWG1WGA .

  22. Guaidó to president of EEUU n Israel, or Bin Salman

  23. You are really not producing. You are just a talking bag of wind. Too fuckin' bad the more you speak, the more I see you're another deep state guy frontings US off.

  24. Trump BOUT TO to smack shif like he smacked CNN

  25. It's all making sense why Clinton stopped school funding with civics. Now, the mindless youth are learning politics from Comedy Central, MTV and late night stand up comics. AOC is a prime example, of what happens when civics isn't taught.

  26. Wasn't there a pay to play here? It's a deal gone bad and Schiff hit the fan. Where are them two guys from Florida at? Or, come to think abou it, the Texan? And that lady ambassador? What was it exactly she did to get removed (besides not cooperating with a dirty deal)? And new Ukranian president who wouldn't play hire the Grapefruit Boys or else. Why would he go to our intelligence department? Maybe because he is a Johnny straight shooter. Doesn't he know that this is how things are done nowadays? Schmuck, eh? And, really, how did son of Joe. Get his job over there? I could have had that $50000/year job but my dad ain't a politician. To quote Elmer Fudd, "something awfuwwy scwewy is goweb on awound here". And, whether you're a Republican or Democrat, we all have a right to see behind the magic curtain. Agreed? And on a side. Can you guess where Putin is going to put his extra troops from Syria next? Not hard, put on the thinking cap.

  27. AOC was thrown out of kindergarten cause she couldnt scribble

  28. AOC was thrown out of kindergarten cause she couldnt scribble

  29. Here I fixed it for you Again !
    Dems are going about their 2nd Coup in a very 'conspiratorial fashion': Spicer

  30. The Dems follow their head chicken like baby chicks. Reps are much more open-minded thinkers, I know, but it is time to organize for a fight. Think of Dem socialism, open borders, high taxes, anti-ICE, ant-police, Supreme Court Justices etc.

  31. Wubba lubba dub dub!
    Democrats are like Mr. Meeseeks – won't stop until…

  32. They did not do what Trump's doing there mad because of the business man jelouse

  33. Can't wait for marine corps to be in the streets of New York city and Washington D.C.

  34. Pepsilosi need to be finding Jesus she is old and her days or closing there is a heaven God wants peace these other countries see where they can take avantage of America Trump got heart to deal with these countries

  35. Well the dems know there wont be an impeachment so it doesnt matter what they do.

  36. impeachment go to hell .a closed court no one in there right mind is going to take it seriously🤣

  37. Pull her over the top? Her son is also sits on a board in Ukraine..this is her protecting her kid

  38. We are all our president Donald J Trump side…dems lefties are crazy loosing their mind ..Trump 2020

  39. What have the democrats done for the country lately? Or ever?

  40. Just like the remainers in Brexit. These people are like little kids in the playground. CAN'T accept theyve lost. The word that comes my mind is BULLIES

  41. O was a liberal then I got a job 😎😄

  42. Get the terminology correct. It is not an impeachment, it is a Coup D'etat.

  43. Republicans need to stand firm but don't want to appear quite as "zealous" as those wacky Democrats.

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