Sunday , November 29 2020
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Dems have done everything they accuse Trump of doing: Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul, (R-KY), discusses Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she is a capitalist, the rise of socialism within the Democratic, Mitt Romney’s fake Twitter account and impeachment.

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  1. Rand Paul is tRump bootlicker. FAKE FOX will talk about his book and make him out to be such a great American. We'll VOTE him out just like the idiot in the WH

  2. I can't understand how someone takes an oath to protect our Constitution yet publically admit they are against it and the country .

  3. Mitt Romney is a back stabbing loser. Utah, you can do a lot better and vote him out.

  4. We've already elected a socialist… Anyone remember some guy named Obama? Hope it never happens again….

  5. We Deplorables are Revolting and Dems won't have any of that… Dems underestimated us for the Last Time!

  6. Saul Alinski (obummers buddy) who wrote the book "Rules for Radicals" (obummers self proclaimed "favorite book") wrote this, "always accuse your opponents of what you're doing". Although I don't know why you have to teach people something they do by nature. The theif accuses of stealing when they can't find something, Cheaters always accuse the other person of cheating and liars accuse others of lying, etc.

  7. Look at ran Paul trying to save his job he has been ubstructing trump all the time vote him out trump 20/20

  8. Mit Romney is a traitor to the United States of America. I don't know how Utah can stand him?

  9. Elizabeth Warren is guilty of stolen valor from the Cherokee Nation and opportunity from Affirmative Action recipients. She should resign from her Senate seat immediately and recuse herself from her Presidential campaign paying back the money she has stolen from her tenure as a Harvard University Professor of color.

  10. in France,Germany,Denmark -education,health care are free are they socialist country

  11. this is how Nazism.,Fascism ,Communism rose-now radical leftism taking people souls

  12. Shes only a capitialist when its with other peoples money.


  14. Who is going to take the bull by the horns……. and start arresting these Swamp Creatures , whom can easily be found guilty of breaking multiple laws.
    Barr is too busy with his fingers up his A$$.

    Stop 🛑 the 💩💩💩 already.


  15. Are there no republicans willing to go after the dems in court for treason or violation of civil rights/liberties? I thought it was innocent until proven guilty.

  16. And you have done nothing about it.

  17. My question is simple: If the mighty Republicans are screaming, tearing their hair out of their heads and gnashing their teeth, and stating "THE DEMOCRATS HAVE DONE EVERYTHING THEY ACCUSE TRUMP OF DOING why haven't they the REPUBLICANS stood up like real men and women "WITH A SET OF BALLS" and done something about it "TODAY, YESTERDAY, WEEKS AGO, MONTHS AGO, YEARS AGO, DECADES AGO…..I'll tell you why "THEY ARE EITHER RINO'S "REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY" OR THEY ARE SIMPLE SPINELESS COWARDS…..I'm sorry I'm sick and tired of backing a party that won't fight for themselves because if they don't fight for themselves how could I ever expect them to fight for me……Oh and by the way "I LOVE MY 45TH PRESIDENT AND I WILL VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN IN 2020, but not only do we as a country have to drain the swamp from the nefarious Democrats we have to look for "TRULY RED WHITE AND BLUE 100% REPUBLICANS WITH A SET OF BALLS…..

  18. She's a capitalist with her money and a socialist with ours.

  19. Elizabeth Pocahonkey Warren is a lying corrupt embecil

  20. Democrat supports are the sort of people, who believe everything their t.v tells them.

  21. Actually, no president has EVER done anything even close to what Trump did. And lets just call a spade a spade: dude committed straight up treason. And so many of his brownshirts still support him.

  22. I really like Rand Paul but I'd be willing to bet other Republicans and Democrats dont.

  23. Any time America was in trouble,.. socialist mechanism helped to get out of that trouble.
    Socialist mechanism has great traditions in America. For example the farm subsidy what in fact is food subsidy for all citizens. Uninterrupted since 1923.

  24. 3 years of talk about dems abuses. No action by the DoJ. Trump responsible.

  25. Why aren't the Dems in JAIL?

  26. She is an Indian lol what a joke she is

  27. I know how to pay for the 800b. 😀
    Take back 800billion in tax breaks to the rich.

  28. Such a tease lol when Rand said he was going to announce 😂

  29. Chinese communist banks are selling for 30 cents in the dollar. They arw going under fast. Chinese communists are desperate. Biden and Schiff are desperate.

    OMG Schiff hit the fan.

  30. Senate Republicans would be complete idiots to accept any fraudulent impeachment referral from corrupt Democrats. These Republicans would be complicit in the coup against the president

  31. And yet the United States is the 12th leading spender per person in the world on social programs beating Canada and great Britain.

  32. Come on Rand…..Stand up to this criminal president

  33. This Vengeance going on with the Corrupt Democrats has gone to far . This Dangerous Games Democrats are playing is Serious to Americans Concerned for Our President Trump and his family safety cause Democrats behavior for past Three years of Hatred Defiance Vicious Attacks Threats of Fake impeachments Harressing Our President Trump,who is a Great man Business man doing Great for America also he is a Family man who Loves USA no One Deserves that Much Hate coming at them, so sad to be in the United States of America to have to Witness Politicians being Corrupted against We the People,Americans . My heart goes out to President Trump and his Family who believes in God who is Protecting Our President and his family with Americans Praying for President Trump Protection from Demonic Democrats Venom of Madness . Democrats Hateful behavior is Sickening and such a Disgrace to Americans by seeing how Democrats Corruption Crimes inciting Violence Devision among Races , Corrupt Democrats and Rhinos have been exposed for the Treasonous Traitors they've been for many years under Democratic Party Leadership ! Trump2020 Vote Corrupt Dems Out !

  34. Why is he more comfortable with Warren not calling herself a sociolist (i.e. communist)? That just means she's more deceptive.

  35. America such a beautifull country and the declaration of independence and bill of rights and the constitution are reveered documents globally. The financial system is completely corrupt though, a parasite on the wealth of the people.

  36. Warren is a lier and most of them are socialist. Look at what the dums did to the health care system that's socialism. Romney is nuts

  37. Thank god for Rand Paul. The polar opposite of Trump personality-wise, but a steadfast supporter on Trump's policies and actions — on the merits only.

  38. Venezuela Is Starving Cuz Of U.S.A. World Embargo….How Stoopid Do You Think People Are.

  39. The headline of this video says it all. Hillary sold Russia our uranium and collected tens of millions of dollars for her treason. Clinton is still feeling guilty for her actions and thinks that accusing others of Russian collusion will ease her conscience.

  40. look into Utah's affiliation with arab led companies, like Chobani–and their hiring practices.

  41. The Democrats are brilliant at rigged elections ! The socialist will try to cheat their way in as our last Rainbow President did !

  42. They did not only worked with other countries to spy on Trump they specifically requested (or suggested) that they dig up dirt on him. Well even the Pope could not withstand a deep and thorough research on his life, speeches and/or actions and neither would I for that matter !

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