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Dems proposed fracking ban puts 700K jobs in jeopardy

Congressman Tom Reed, NY, discusses campus censorship and the fracking ban in NY state, which has become a policy proposal for many 2020 democrats. #FoxBusiness


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  1. Shillary pushed fracking worldwide when she was a Sec of State. Dems had no problem with her doing that, it seems.

  2. Dems do everything possible to hurt Americans

  3. Such a ban would go nowhere, without the Senate AND the President's signature… stick to stuff that has a chance, Demtards.

  4. I do not understand how anyone could still support the democratic party.

  5. Conservatives on campuses all over America, be strong and don't let liberals bully they students or professors or whoever…especially Antifa…George Soros is going down!

  6. King Andrew (he thinks and acts like a king) should be dragged out into the streets and shot.

  7. Imagine the ramifications of being oil dependent on the Middle East particularly Iran. I don't know what is going on in the Democratic Party. I watch cities and states vote for them and disintegrate before our eyes. They need to get themselves in order or be voted out of office.

  8. Fracking is toxic for the environment. All you yahoos who said coal would come back, and after decades of destroying our land, leaves us with scorched earth. Lumber Companies cutting forests and wildlife to shreds. Realize people need employment, but what price do our grandchildren have to pay after you get yours. Go listen to the people who allowed fracking on their property, and rue the day they did. Big Business wins and the people suffer in the long run. Take a look at Centralia, Pa.

  9. Democrats want all wealth. Others cannot frack and have wealth.

  10. That's what the dems want! 700k more votes because a large majority of these people are going to need welfare assistance for the time between jobs.

  11. The Democrats (communists ) want sick ,weak , poor , surfs like back in the 1700's . These people are sick, Instead of us all being successful and prosperous they do not ever want us to be able to ever over power them .

  12. Rescinds Censorship of Conservatves……funny how Trump says colleges will allow this or pay a huge price and Wha La ..its all good now
    Long live President Trump…..Let Freedom Ring

    Dems want unemployment dependent citizens of Big Gov…….who walk like sheep to their enslavement jobs for crumbs and paying taxes for climate change.

  13. Cracking is destroying the only earth we have. Computers destroyed my job 10 yrs ago, it happens.

  14. FINALLY admitting that they were CENSORING FREE SPEECH

  15. Demonrat's(democrats) ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!

  16. The democrats are getting insane by the day. What is wrong if the US is able to produce its own oil instead becoming dependant to middle east oil. These jobs are the livelihood for many Americans.

  17. I love fracking…Keeps my fuel bills low. Never stop fracking USA 🙂

  18. Everything dems purpose will hurt jobs.. But I think that's their goal they need gov dependents

  19. No more Fed tax money for these colleges

  20. Knock it off before somebody gets hurt

  21. At least the university admitted there was an actual ban.

  22. The Democrats are on a rampage in America

  23. Just like every private company that requires professional behavior from its employees…, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Town Hall meetings, Rallies, you name it…, students and protesters that behave in this manner need to be expelled, IMMEDIATELY! Either their behavior reflects positively on those hosting an event…, OR YOU ARE EXPELLED/FIRED! Universities that allow this behavior need to be fined SEVERELY enough that they would only screw up once. Protesters need to be charged with Disturbing the Peace. In my day, fathers would warn their sons; "Don't let your mouth overload your a^*" (running your mouth always lead to an a^* kicking) If police became involved, they would ask a few questions and usually say "You asked for it" or "You had it coming…" There USED TO BE consequences. The ridiculous state we're in now is called progress? By the Progressives? Too many people have abandoned manners. Too many people have forgotten that pain is a powerful motivator. Stop coddling and rewarding these A-holes. Make it hurt! Humiliation of expulsion. Emotional and financial pain. Jail time. Consequences.

  24. U.S.= Has regulations and EPA to conduct any type of business.
    China and India= Contributes to over 60% of pollution.
    Liberal NPC's= "America is killing the world"

  25. That’s about 700,000 guaranteed Trump voters. Now let’s hear their plans for the coal industry and so on

  26. There’s no solid scientific evidence that shows that the cost of fracking outweighs the benefits. The people who are against fracking have no idea what they’re talking about! They are not geologists!

  27. Democrat's proposal is very damagings to jobs. People losing 700,000 jobs and wish them better work dones.

  28. Trump 2020 & 2024 dems owe us !


  30. Will cost jobs and again put us at the mercy of foreign oil, exactly what the Democrats want, I'm convinced they hate America

  31. Follow the money, it all traces back to Soros trying to do to America what he did to England. Please America wake up and don't let this happen.

  32. Well guess it'll come down to the state level to impose bans and sever regulations to make it so hard to even operate them I would rather have clean and non burnable water then toxic flammable water

  33. What’s the British guys name? I used to know but it left my brain.

  34. PEOPLE….you really need to do your homework as to this fracking business…It's truly, not only a danger, but very distinctive to the environment; the after affects to be felt afterwards for YEAR'S TO COME.

  35. Come to Kent State University where Freedom of Speech is only for minorities NOT FOR WHITE PEOPLE! First hand experience😞

  36. Fracking is safe if proper methods are used and things cleaned up afterwards? The companies doing it must be accountable for the safety of the landowners and animals on the land.

  37. It's because of the fuel prices right now that I'm able to take a 3000 mile trip Towing my jet ski to Arizona. A trip I've always wanted to take but wasn't interested in budgeting the fuel prices.👍🇺🇸

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