Monday , January 18 2021
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Dems target Trump's economy after impeachment fail

FOX Business’ David Asman, FOX Business contributor Gary Kaltbaum, investor Carol Roth, Capitalist Pig founder Jonathan Hoenig and Barron’s senior editor Jack Hough discuss why the Democrats continually try to downplay the strong U.S. economy.

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  1. Heard my far right Fox news watching friend ( and yes, he is a good friend) talk about the "Trump" economy a few months back when things were good. Now unemployment is 10% and guess what, it's still the Trump economy. Obviously the virus was an unfortunate factor, but Trump's response has been even more unfortunate. As the saying goes "If you are going to take credit for the sunshine then you have to take credit for the rain also." Strange thing though, why does this almost always seem to happen when a Republican is in office? Remember that last guy? Yeah, they wouldn't even let him speak at the convention. Tsk, tsk.

  2. Well the past three months says it all

  3. Ask Ron Paul if America already has socialistic programs… Corruption on both sides. Dems and pubs… Close the tax loop holes for the rich! Place all fees and fines on a sliding scale based on income not on what the rich man says it's worth including property taxes. Abolish the Federal Reserve as its unconstitutional and illegal. End tax payer funded abortions which is evil and against our religion and morals! End all funding for illegals! Including~daca and sanctuarycities! Time to put Americans 1st and implement a UBI for all legal American citizens over the age of 18

  4. America NEEDS a Universal Basic Income for ALL legal American citizen over the age of 18.

  5. The Dems are part of the deepstate satanic globalists group.
    Look up bilderberg meetings bohemian grove, evil spirit cooking, Georgian guidestones….

  6. WAKE UP AMERICA! Advantages of coronavirus for Dems is make Tump look bad, crash economy, invoke fear, control, power, get $$$ for globalist agenda, forced vaccines, reduce population, save money as mostly older, and disabled people are dying, enforcement of state law, etc… Was it their plan?

  7. Pelosi must be retired ….. this is a solution

  8. Gim Jordan you see this? Please you guys can put a team together for Nancy Pelosi to be Impeached!! Mr Trump you have get this done so the deplorables can see How Great of a President you Are!!!! 😜

  9. Pelosi hates reps and president Trump

  10. pelosi no more impeachment read constitution article 1 section 4

  11. Does Pelosi know abut constitution article 1 section 4 judgment in Cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal

  12. That’s all the Democrats have everything else has failed just like socialism!!!

  13. Democrats want to attack Trump’s policies knowing Republicans can’t do a counter attack because Democrats don’t have any policies.

  14. Democrats want power I hope they never get it. 🇺🇸

  15. Nancy Pelosi should be forced to take out her checkbook and write a check paying for the failed witchhunt impeachment case for Donald Trump!

  16. PANdemIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coincidence ? RIP DNC

  17. Ding dong Pelosi still not helping the American people but desperately trying to hold on to fading power.

  18. Nancy Pelosi is running out of arguments. That woman needs to find a new career outside of politics.

  19. Burney Sanders reproduced porn long time ago

  20. The US Public Credits Trump More Than Obama for Booming Economy 🇺🇸 💰 🇺🇸 💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸💰🇺🇸

  21. Would love to hear this one! BS from the Demorats. My 401k is at an all time. Statistics elsewhere dont lie.

  22. Pelosi might as well buy a tank 😂😂
    What a distwit

  23. The Business Owners and Land owners Say So
    We Are American when it comes down to it
    Let us not forget , we work for you you work for us


  25. Democrats Are Against US it's that simple…
    We have a book that crushes the wicked idk wtf they got

  26. The Commie-crats need to stop! They haven't accomplished a single thing trying to impeach President Trump! But he, in spite of all the insanity swirling in Congress, has managed to create the best United States we've enjoyed for a long time.

    The Dems have shown they can't handle responsibility. Vote Republican forever!!

  27. They should take notes of trumps economy !

  28. Trump has ruined their plans. The left wants to see a communist America, and he has set them back by 100 years at least. If not yet he will in his second term. He should focus more on removing their base, illegal aliens. A kid or illegal alien is just about all the left has to rely on. Nobody with any sense would vote for a Democrat.

  29. Bloomberg ad before Fox video. Ah, the Internet at its best.

  30. I hope the democrats understand and know we will support this president to the bitter end and we will fight for him and along side him ! No matter what you treasonous vipers do no matter what venom you spit we will vote for him just to spite you.

  31. If dems think the economy is bad why is Obama taking credit..

  32. The Dems complain about not having a president who get things done for the American people while lining their pockets with your tax dollars…. But then attack a president who does good by the American people simply because HE'S NOT A DEMOCRAT and a WHITE MAN exposing their long standing racist and criminal activities…

  33. Nanzi Pelosi is so predictably dumb.

  34. Simple. She'll Lie like always, then have someone else affirm the lies. Usually a person has to perform on their job to receive a paycheck. These politicians make more a year then the average American. Do nothing, and still get paid. Something wrong with that!

  35. Give a like if you are a Republican.

  36. She's just upset because the price of Depends went up 30% and because she used 15% more of them in the past 3 years!

  37. You know what, I am old enough to remember when democrats were actually smart.

  38. Didn't Obama take credit for the economy ? So it's not really doing well ? Wth I'm confused

  39. They can say what they want, we the people know better!😉

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