Monday , January 25 2021
Home / News / Dems want ‘chaos’ so they can count ballots after election day: Jordan

Dems want ‘chaos’ so they can count ballots after election day: Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the first night of the Republican National Convention, the Postal Service controversy and big tech censorship.

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  1. This is what happens when you tamper with a postal system in an attempt to steal an election.

  2. Election day is the last day you can CAST YOUR VOTE. Some states like Alabama don't even have early voting. No president has ever been confirmed in recent history exactly on election day. If you cast your vote before November 4th it should be counted, simple as that, no argument.

  3. Pres.trump works for you and me AMERICA .

  4. Democrat Polls Are LYING! President Trump is going to WIN!


  6. you never had a brain, you all

  7. In decades to come, President Trump will be known as one of the best presidents off the USA. No other president has done so much for our country. I’m proud that he has twice been nominated for a Nobel Prize. His leadership qualities are outstanding Our country would be suffering less if the governors of blue states would care for the people who reside there.

  8. The Dems are shameless…who's that broad that said? "It was a set-up." They'll try to steal ballots, they don't care if they get caught.

  9. Appreciate you Maria and Jim Jordan! It’s patriots fighting like you have, that will eventually bring about God’s plans that are in action now. Trump wins in 2020!

  10. Counting votes up to January 20, 2021 will make PELOSI President by default. Hire qualified cpa firms as counters. Or have counters pass a competent test before the counting starts. Get desperate about this.

  11. The only option the Democrat socialist party has is to steal the election from the American.

  12. I live just south of his district but I am so proud of this Patriot. Jim Jordan, you should run for Ohio Governor.

  13. Jim jordan is nothing more,than a raving lunatic, and attention seeker, He 's always putting on a show for an audience of 1 ,what a loser

  14. the likes vs dislikes show election result…

  15. If, if mail-in balloting is allowed, any ballot that is not “officially” postmarked by midnight of Election Day (Nov 3rd) need be disqualified, not counted or used. This though can be fraudulently abused. The postmark would not really be hard to make and then illegally used. Don’t even doubt it.

  16. Jim Jordan’s famous yellow tie!

  17. Start arresting the corrupt politicians that is guilty as hell. Once they are incarcerated they won't be able to interfere with the huge success of our country. It's clear the Democrats do not have the country or the people at heart.

  18. Do maybe that's the problem we put voting in in their handsput sticker rights back take our voting rights back and we will conduct the voting arena we will count the votes

  19. The best thing is American people can do is create our own voting adjacent to theirs and the to pick cheaters are Americans need to take control of their voting

  20. Who's the president President Trump Donald Trump or Nancy pelosi I'm confused

  21. I'm receiving for calls a day from New York City I live here in Oregon they're saying my social security card has been fraudulent it and that I need to talk to someone before my card is cut I said we don't have enough stress in our lives. We got to have foreigners from third world countries calling us and calling us and calling us you fear trying stripper us up our rights to vote by stealing our social security numbers and voting in our placeif I were president I would have stopped this a long time ago would have been a big investigation into India's policies of threats and national security

  22. President Trump I love when he says we got it done oh, we got it done

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