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Derek Chauvin Says He Will Not Testify, Invokes 5th Amendment | NBC News NOW

After much speculation, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin decided that he will invoke his 5th Amendment privilege and not testify at his own trial. Chauvin made clear that it was his decision not to take the stand.
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Watch: Derek Chauvin Says He Will Not Testify, Will Invoke 5th Amendment | NBC News NOW


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  1. He's not good on the stand. He only stands good on peoples neck!


  3. oops jail he goes. no shrunken bloody gloves for him

  4. Derek Chauvin looks like a rock star with that mic'…

  5. Derek not taking the stand to give his side of the accounts that took place if I was on the jury I would be like that's guilty

  6. I wonder if it was ever explained why he had a hand in his pocket. What was the purpose or reason?

  7. Is it just me or does Chauvin look like he thinks he is at the beach launching on a beach chair drinking a beer without a care in the world in these court videos. 🤔

  8. All that note taking and he's got fuckall to say…… Coward!!!

  9. Cowerd. Doesn't want to be cross examined.

  10. This psychopath is smiling and smirking…disgusting in the least.

  11. Derek chauvin did not testifying because he knows he guilty. He look and act like a cold harded person. I know why he killed Gorge Floyd, it was because his ego. He did not want to be proven wrong by the people in the street that was telling him that he is wrong. Sad to say there are dumb people like that. And he one of them. He still have a white free pass, I'm sure he do just a few years. He lucky he not a minority, he be on death row…..right?

  12. Mr. Eric Nelson is a good lawyer

  13. All staged just actors on screen mocking laughing at you people

  14. i watched the whole trial, and since riots have already begun, i say innocent. Dude was higher than a kite, and even with the prosecution trying to change what people heard, he said, he took too many drugs. = Overdose.

  15. He still not showing any remorse of what he did he is so confident that he is walking away from what he done also why give murders a bail out to get out jail when they show no remorse

  16. This trial is unfair because the jury will be afraid of the mob. In addition the state has had multiple prosecutors and has presented it's information (over 500 exhibits!) to the defense hours before testimony. The defense has only one lawyer to attempt to give the other side of the story

  17. Too many racists in the USA yuck just throw the guilty in prison but no they let em run free there the land of the guilty

  18. Guilty…and it doesn't matter if he is awaited or it's a hung trial or whatever ever he is guilty and fire will spread from that one spark of evil. And it will only hey worse. So let him go free and see so many more die. That will be the outcome. And emmitt till will be free.

  19. Innocent defendants don't plea the 5th.

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