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DESIGNER DUPES 2019 // Zimmerman, Gucci, Chloe, Marysia | Fashion Mumblr

I’ve found a huge selection of beautiful designer dupes on the highstreet to get the luxury look for less!
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The below links are affiliate links, and items may have been gifted from brands, scroll down for more information if you’d like to know more!

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What I’m Wearing:
Pink Jumper –
Moon Necklace –
Star Necklace –

Castañer wedges:
ASOS dupe:

Marysia bikini:
River Island dupe: /

Magda Butrym shoes:
ASOS dupe:

Givenchy Antigona bag:
ASOS dupe:

Chloé Pixie bag:
River Island dupe:

Gucci Princetown mules:
River Island dupe:

Tohum shell bracelet:
Isabel Marant bracelet:
Tohum necklace:
Dupes: / /

Shrimps bag:
Topshop dupe:
New Look dupe-
ASOS dupe-

Staud bucket bag:
Topshop dupe:

Chanel blazer:
River Island dupe:

Zimmermann jumper:
Stories dupe:

Gucci Marmont mules:
River Island dupes: sold out online!

Saint Laurent Nu Pied slides:
ASOS dupes –

Chloe Ring Sandal dupes:


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  1. Love your channel!!!! is there a rule for adding internet photos to your video?

  2. I’m so in love with Zimmermann clothing and Chloe handbags 👜

  3. I love that you try to find things that are inspired by the designer items or give a designer vibe. A lot of videos focus on fakes that pretend to be sth they're not. So I enjoy your take on the topic way more. Thanks for the inspo!

  4. Love love love the dupe videos! Would love to see a video of you styling someone like your mum, my mum needs a new wardrobe and I would love some tips to help me help her with her age range!

  5. Love the top ur wearing those sleeves

  6. Josie ~ We just love you for sharing all of these 'dupes' with us. I will share this information with more of my friends so we can cover more high quality purchases without the higher prices. For some pieces it doesn't matter as much. However as you recommended the urgency because I have found some of them sold out already this week.
    So appreciate the ultimate quality of each and every one of your viewings.
    Fran ~ from the Palm Beaches of Florida

  7. Modern day Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!

  8. Love your channel. This is an awesome video! Can you do more like this? ❤️😊

  9. 😂 tht shell bracelet!! On the sea side or coast they sell it for maximum 5 euro … I love your style ❤️🌷.

  10. Where is the pink swimsuit from ????

  11. Josie your sweet and real girl I love your personality also and babe you make me as a guy enjoy learn more about fashion darling 👍💜😘💖😉👗😊💋😎💝.

  12. Question: am I the only one who can’t seem to find those adorable brown loafers online? I’m shopping from the NL, may it be why? I’m desperate to find them! 😱❤️

  13. Wow thank you for making this video, I was going to buy some Gucci mules that looked near enough the same as the ones you have shown from river island x looks like il be saving myself some money! Xx

  14. Love this style of video bought 3 items from the links and big thumbs up I trust your opinion having purchased great dupes you recommended in the past.

  15. Hey love your videos. Please can you link the white shoes with the bows for us. Really want a pair x

  16. Tip: you can get the shell jewelry for super cheap from AliExpress!!

  17. I do like the shell trend in jewelry. Also liked the Spanish shoes.

  18. LOVE these dupe videos! Thanks for sharing the links too! I always watch your videos on PlayStation, and enjoy your forecasts of trends a lot!

  19. Hi Josie, keep doing what you do. You put in so much work so we viewers don’t have to 😃 xx quick question, Are the river island backless loafers true to size. I hope so I’m a size 5 and just managed to order a pair they’ve been sold out for days.

  20. My first time to watch! Im opening my own boutique and Im loving your trends and dupes for 2019! Im subscribed and cant wait to shop! p.s. youre darling!

  21. The River Island Mules have been sold out for ages! 😭

  22. This dupe video so far the best dupe video you've done and practical xx

  23. One of the few fashion influencers I follow which actually give advice and puts a lot of work into every video. Loved it as usual! <3

  24. Just bought 3 items from this list . Aaaahhhhh

  25. This is why you are our favorite fashion vlogger! You are very cognizant of your viewers aspirational love of high fashion and mix of practical dupes. Love the tweed jacket, mules, and ring sandals.

  26. Sorry just a question, Do you Recommend COACH Bags, I’ve seen one I really like, but it’s still 400 pounds!!!!!!! Xxxxx

  27. Hi. I can’t believe I’ve just gone back to the video when u picked Dexter up as a puppy 🐶. OMG, You forget how small they are💖. My Mini Dachshund is 4 now, and she was so tiny at 8 weeks. Loved this video. Xxxx

  28. I like your videos can you please do a video on what i do the whole day

  29. Dear Josie I absolutely loved all the items you showed. Thankyou so much. I wanted to ask you whether you would make a video about cost of living in London and your Favourite places to go💕 have a lovely week

  30. Mon dieu- if only I'd seem this video BEFORE I was gifted the Tohum Shell Necklace! 🙂

  31. Josie, I like your bobble jumper better than the very expensive one with the (term from the 1900s!) 'Leg o' Mutton' sleeves!

  32. OMG I’m getting those wedges for Maldives! Xxx

  33. I think these are great dupes but I still feel like topshop is still somewhat pricey. I would like to see more content with even cheaper clothing.

  34. Dear Josie,
    You work hard! Always a new video, no airs, always reliable, present. You never complain and you are always friendly.
    This is proffessional and exemplary for many others who already feel overwhelmed with a video in the week and still call themselves full-time Youtuber.
    Thank you!

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