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DESIGNER DUPES SUMMER 2017! | Gucci, Chloe, Self Portrait & More! | Fashion Mumblr

The best designer fashion dupes for Summer 2017! From bags, to shoes, even to suede jackets, these are my favourite styles – but the affordable versions! LINKS BELOW!
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❤ What I Wore ❤

Top I’m wearing :

Earrings :
Necklace :
Ring :
Bracelet :


❤ Featured in this Video ❤

Lace Top (Self Portrait Dupe)
Dupe –
Designer –

Chloe Nile Bag
Dupe –
Designer –

Pink Suede Jacker (Reiss Dupe)
Dupe –
Darker blush pink version – Dupe –
Designer –

Chloe Backpack
Dupe –
Designer –

Pearl Sandals (Stuart Weitzman Dupe)
Dupe –
Designer –

Black Toe Cap Shoes ( Chanel Dupe )
Mules Dupe –
Sandals Dupe –
Chanel version –

Mules with Fur (Gucci Dupe)
Dupe –
Designer –

Cross body Bag (Chloe Drew Dupe)
Dupe :
Designer :

Strap (Fendi Dupe)
Dupe :
Designer :



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  1. It is more easy to put on than the buckle.

  2. Hi Josie, you could try Bicarbonate of Soda, on your shoes… maybe apply with a cotton bud, I've used this on my carpet previously and it's very gentle, you make it into a paste with a tiny bit of water.I have a Suede coat made for me in Tunisia, I may try a small bit of Bicarb on there rather than take it to the dry cleaners which use harsh chemicals.!

    Could you send me the link for the Dyson hairdryer when you get a chance, Lol Ali J xxxx

  3. I would soooo love to see another designer dupes video! xoxo

  4. Please more dupe videos. Great video – but I miss the saussage ; )

  5. We another designer dupes video! This was beautifully put together and well thought out!

  6. I would love to see more than one of these !!!!

  7. Omg ! Thank you so much please do more of these for us! Love it!

  8. I absolutely adore these types of videos! Keep up the good work!

  9. I recently found a site of designer replicas i would like you to review. the bags are pricey but the shoes are alright. It's called at least i trust you lol

  10. Josie have you ever found a nice dupe of the Falabella bags x Stella McCartney? I so love them but… yeah! You know 😉 

  11. I like her videos before watching it cuz i know everything she does is amazing ❤❤❤

  12. Great video! Yes, please continue to do more of these. Thanks!

  13. Such amazing dupes!! Love them all xxx

  14. The link for the mules is not working! Can you repost? 🙂

  15. FYI, professional dance shoes are made with a non functional buckle. Kind of an easier on off.

  16. Please do a fall/winter dupes!

  17. please please do one for Fall 2017!!! 😀

  18. Hi, love your content. I tried to link to the Chloe bag, but both links do not work. Can you pleaes repost, thank you.

  19. The reason why those clasps aren't real buckles is for convenience. It's very common in shoes from Asia.

  20. Don't know why the rip off shoes seem do the buckle thing but all good ballroom shoes do that. You can adjust your strap in advance an just clip it on. Which is nice. Especially for pro dancing when the constant switching of shoes while in delicate costumes could be a huge night mare in regular straps.

  21. Yassssss ❤️ I loved every second of this video!

  22. Please make more videos like this! Loved it!

  23. Please do more of these videos! Love you!

  24. I can't open the link of the lace top dupe where is it from?

  25. I absolutely LOVE this video & hope you do more!!

  26. Just watched this and THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE MENTION! xxxxxxx

  27. Love this video💕 Thank you for the great dupes😍

  28. Oh Helloo, i subscribed recently,m and wanna to mention that your videos are pretty amaziiinngg. Coz i have lots of fashion bloggers, but u have something special in your talking manner. So keep going . Its cool. And yes i love your taste of fashion. Colors and bags. So thank you.
    And ppllss one little favor for me. Could you make a video about shoes? I am not best one to choose them even for myself.
    Danke schön , Thanks keep bye💋

  29. Just a note- these days, in my country, is 36 C, it is indeed hot. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am obsessed with your videos. You are really stylish and I am in love with it!

  30. Really enjoyed this love your dupes would love to see more of these

  31. these are borderline counterfeit, not dupes.

  32. Thank you for the recommendations! I just ordered two pairs from SheIn 🙂

  33. You are brilliant and I love your advice!!!

  34. Where i am , 26 degrees si cold

  35. i would love it if you could tack in the real product picture if you do not have the product. thanks!

  36. HI Josie, I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I have just recently found your channel/blog and I have been binge watching. Congrats! on both. I think you are spectacular. Such class, etiquette. Both of these are a dying breed! I also write a design blog and I know how much work goes into it. Countless hours. My only disappointment is, the extremely rude, classless comments that you are sometime subjected to. I truly wish that these viewers would practice a very old saying, "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything." If you ever come to Toronto for an event, I would love to meet you. Maybe share a glass of wine. Anyway, I wish you all the very best and continued success. Deborah – Soulier Design Studio

  37. Love the option for more affordable products than designer.

  38. I find designer dupe videos like this very helpful! Keep doing them! This video definitely caused me to hit the "subscribe" button.

  39. You look good in both Dupe and Real

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