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Detroit Lions QB’s wife speaks out on brain tumor

Kelly Stafford, wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, has a message for moms as she battles back after undergoing a 12-hour surgery in April to remove a brain tumor.



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  1. What a brave person to be married to a multimillionaire.

  2. God be with her. It's a shame you have to watch a fake news channel to see a story like this!🖕Little Stephie-napoulas, !🖕 the fake news! Bless the Staffords!

  3. Don't put your cell phone up against your head. It's a small microwave oven. It will heat up your brain and can trigger cancer.

  4. ABC NEWS=FAKE NEWS?! ABC RAN THIS FAKE STORY AND VIDEO ALL DAY SHOWING A FIERCE BATTLE, REPORTING TURKISH FORCES WERE SLAUGHTERING INNOCENT KURD CIVILIANS…ALL ON FILM! AND THEY ARE BLAMING TRUMP FOR THIS FICTITIOUS BALD FACED LIE! A TOTAL CIA ABC FABRICATION! WRONG!!!! The video is from a gun club's shooting event IN AMERICA!!!. Watch the video and call, tweet, FB, email and go into ABC's headquarters, see the shithead president and give him a new set of blue balls.

  5. At least they have the money to deal with that. Most people would probably just sit there until they died cuz we have no healthcare insurance or anything.

  6. Does anyone know what kind of brain tumor she was diagnosed with?

  7. Don’t think for one minute
    this is a real true meritocracy
    It is not

    America strong means
    abused by the elite

  8. What kind of brain dead morons are watching ABC news after they got caught pushing fake news this week??

    My god it is embarrassing how dumb people are. SHEEP everywhere.

  9. Wow…. A rich person that has Healthcare…. Making it. You know what's REALLY scary? The person with a brain tumor and NO health care.

  10. What a stupid comment about slide takleing her

  11. GOD bless her heart!!!…your so brave and strong!!❤.

  12. Someobe needs to speck out for me cause no one believes me about something like this could happen to someone like me

  13. bitch, very narcissistic story. dislike

  14. my dad played in 55 tbowl lousy helmets and a BRAIN TUMOR at 65 ………………

  15. 🙏🏻 each like is a prayer 🙏🏻


  16. More respects to that QB for sticking with her.

  17. Good thing she married a football player!

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