Thursday , May 13 2021


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1. Cirrus Shower

2. EyeRide EyeLights

3. Chefman Mini Fridge

4. Tetrafidget (Preview)

5. Looking Glass Portrait

6. SunShader

7. AirSelfie AIR PIX

8. Bowio

9. 9Barista Espresso Machine

10. Astrolabicon Pro puzzle (Preview)

00:00 – Cirrus Shower
01:16 – EyeRide EyeLights
02:17 – Chefman Mini Fridge
03:03 – Tetrafidget (preview)
03:38 – Looking Glass Portrait
04:43 – SunShader
05:30 – AirSelfie AIR PIX
06:31 – Bowio
07:38 – 9Barista Espresso Machine
08:43 – Astrolabicon Pro puzzle (preview)


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  1. Thank you for the update, TechZone..!! 3:09 When I was a kid, I remember popping bubble wraps after moving until I ran of bubbles to pop. 🤣

  2. i have the mini fridge and the fidget spinner, the rest is meh

  3. hmmm, let's see, let's give motorcycle riders the ability to look at their phones while riding. that's a Darwin Award special mention right there.

  4. Hey TechZone. I like your videos but your BrainTime plug always annoys me. You cannot have a fact from the future.

  5. Ok honey I gonna end the bank balance again 🤩. I will buy it😎

  6. Yeah most of the things you said has made many viewers stop watch you channel

  7. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  8. you start repeat stuffs over and over in videos new tech ..pls

  9. Nope don’t want to buy any of them

  10. Really love the Airselfie AIR PIX! 😍Could be the selfie stick killer!

  11. First of all, stay off your phone when operating MACHINERY, including POVs. Personally owned vehicles… So all products by all companies looking to profit off terrible human nature and piss poor decisions need to be drawn and quartered. Instead of creating tech that will help imbeciles do anything other than focus on the road and other travellers. Yes that's the era we live in now. Which is SAD

  12. That second one is just not good man. You don't need to keep your eyes on the road, you need to keep your attention on it

  13. i luved the flrst one

  14. An Indefinite Thumb up needs given to this video it really deserves, This is Fabulous, Keep it up…

  15. Every day there is a new 🧠 invention / innovation.

    The same evolution is necessary in social 📧 platform that will avert people from:

    1. spreading rumours🤥.

    2. talk / slander / criticize behind (i.e. the person being talked about must know about it). mostly this happens in NEWS. they make a news about you / your area and you don't even know.

    3. separate children's account (e.g. my child's YouTube history is recorded as my history which is wrong).

    and also improve judiciary system, that will be able to deliver judgements faster.

  16. मैं👹 प्लानिंग सिर्फ इलेक्शन जितने के लिए करता हूं।
    स्वास्थ्य सिस्टम गई तेल लेने।


  17. Thanks for the price after each item !!

  18. not want to but but wish 🌚🌚

  19. More gadgets.
    You know i like the videos about the future trucks, cool future vans and future house

  20. Did you know ??
    The human eye is so sensitive that if the earth were flat and it was dark night a candle's flame could be seen from 30 miles away

  21. But what about an bath thing

  22. Jesus died for you and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. If you confess with your mouth Jesus is the Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.

  23. All these gadgets are pretty damn cool!!!

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