Dhoni and Morgan – a tale of two underperforming batters as captain

Would KKR and CSK be worse off without them in spite of their batting form?

#MarutiSuzuki, #T20timeout, #Fuelefficiency

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  1. It's ok sir. We need brains 🧠 too in the ground. Both will fire 🔥 😍

  2. Whistlepodu 😍🚁💛🦁

  3. Ae lodu chand. Dhoni has performed on last game.

  4. Morgan should come at no 3 or 4

  5. Check out the full squad of IND for the T20 World Cup here. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbhzKN60X9U

  6. It's good for KKR that Gill is back in form. Iyer and tripathi have look d good too. So unless they don't take the pressure of the final too seriously their won't be a problem for KKR's batting and they can easily get to a score of let's say 170 at the least.

  7. I was hoping that gg will say…kkr will win finals, but he didn't ☹️

  8. We always blame Rcb for choking but the real choker is csk,though they went into 8th ipl final,won only 3,they lost 5.
    On the other hand Kkr went into final two times and won both.You can say csk is more popular,Dhoni being the main reason but don't forget kkr has also won 2 titles.

  9. Dhoni still adds immense value as a keeper, in addition to being a captain. Apart from Rahul, no other team has a keeper that brings in great batting value. Dhoni's batting if it doesnt click, still not a liability in the team. So a captain doesnt have to convince the team as to why he should not drop himself

  10. I Think Fixers Will Win This Match 💔

  11. Head coaches of each the team have played under the captaincy of Dhoni 😂

  12. Keep "CALM" -You know whose the winner!

  13. Dhoni is much better than Morgan

  14. Dhoni is far better than eon Morgan..he takes decisions on his own..where as Morgan follows the instructions from analyst.. And when it comes to batting… Never saw Morgan finishing game in ipl…mediocre batting by Morgan.

  15. CSK❤❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻

  16. Tumhara channel goutam gambhir par tika hai lagta hai

  17. Respect for MSD but heart always Beats for KKR in the IPL.. 💜💜💜

  18. and both of them share a lot of similarities in their character. both are cool and calm and create a really positive vibe wherever they go.

  19. Chasing team will get slight advantage.

  20. Fun fact: They both are the only two world cup winning captains in this ipl 😂😂

  21. Yellow fever ïs on,csk csk csk💛👍