Friday , August 14 2020
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Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death prompted a leadership shakeup at the federal Bureau of Prisons. Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, whom Attorney General William Barr appointed to take over the agency, will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions related to Epstein’s suicide and operations at the Manhattan facility where he was being held in federal custody.

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  1. This was way more informative and professional than the stupid impeachment hearings. I at least get to see how a hearing should be conducted and people doing their jobs. It was also comforting that there are some in DC that don't adhere to the narrative that @pstein died by suicide.

  2. Is this a joke. seriously time is always short and the subject matter isnt focused, our system is sad let along rigid. PEACE

  3. 🍀🍀 don’t worry prince Andrew will fix it with his non-sweaty balls 🍀🍀 You got to remember 🎤 he’s a dancing king … he only likes then if they are 17….😂😂

  4. why is she the only one there? and she has no answers. they should make a list of people to show up including those that worked the prison.

  5. "lll-Gotten Gains, The Rockefeller War on Drugs" By Jean Carter
    How the Rockefellers turned the United States and other countries into police states"

  6. "The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday 11-19-2019 approved
    legislation to avert a widespread government shutdown later this week
    with a bill extending temporary federal funding through Dec. 20, 2019"
    US House of Representatives has quietly reauthorized the PATRIOT Act,
    extending warrantless surveillance, data collection, tracking internet
    use and other invasive means to combat “terror.”" <> DISTRACTED
    MUCH ?

  7. M16 killed Jeffrey Epstein

  8. Another chapter of the sitcom.

  9. Sleeping on the job and not reporting malfunctioning cameras is part of our policies, so we have only changed it minimally. You can only sleep for 1.5 hours now, instead of 1.6. And only five of 100 cameras need to work. Grrrr

  10. This is one of the clearest cut cases of suicide I've ever seen. You people are either ignorant or crazy.

    If they really wanted to look at a conspiracy they should look at Whitey Bulger's death. That's a real conspiracy.

    But everything indicates 100% that Epstein killed himself. Period.

  11. Two guards are being prosecuted. They'll probably commit "suicide" while they're in jail too

  12. She's a liar,Clinton suicide hanging like others,guards disappear or fell asleep ,check their bank accounts,bill Clinton walks away a free pedophile out to roam on your children and there's nothing we can do about it

  13. Only USA today is covering this. Our media is a joke. We don't trust the main stream media nor the political and rich the protect.

  14. USA today if you are going to show a video it needs to have some sound,what are we supposed to do read lips.
    This Sucks

  15. Meanwhile Maxwell is still running free

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