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Discovering Greece on the M.S Galileo | Fashion Mumblr Travel Vlog

Join Charlie and I as we are discovering Greece by sailing with Variety Cruises, aboard the M.S Galileo! We visited the infamous islands of Santorini and Mykonos as well as Syros, Folegandros, Paros and more!

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  1. Just catching up with you Josie …. Love your early videos..

  2. i prefer this style of vlog where the color is not pink washed

  3. Doing this exact same cruise on Galileo for our honeymoon in 3 days time! Can't wait!

  4. Greece is one of my dream destinations, yet I had never thought of going on a cruise, though we have been on several surrounding the US. Thank you for the beautiful images! Now I really can’t wait to go!!! 🌸🌸🌸

  5. favorite travel vlog of yours so far!

  6. so many tropical house's music, really enjoy in it!!!

  7. Hi from Ontario, Canada! Thanks for sharing your adventure in Greece, Josie! I would love to visit Santorini and Mykonos! I enjoy all your Vlogs! 👍😊

  8. I'm so glad you visited Greece I hope you had a blast in my country lots of ♡♡♡ xx

  9. Which resort would you recommend staying in in santorini? Somewhere with nice restaurants etc xx

  10. Girl! Gorgeous video… love the shots and the editing! I just discovered you and and seriously binging right now!!!!!

  11. When I was In Santorini we went up in the cable car and then we walked down the stairs with the donkeys and I will never be doing it again 😬

  12. love Greece and this vlog….nicely filmed…..

  13. i'm glad you liked Greece! xoxo from Greece :*

  14. so glad to see you visited my beautiful country! hope you had a great time <3

  15. did you stay in a hotel called mitis blue domes in kos greece if not you should check it out i went there and it is a 5 star plus hotel its very great 🙂 xx

  16. Dream destination!!! Your vlogs make me dream…Enjoy girly!!

  17. looks amazing i have always wanted to go to Greece

  18. im a greek and i never went there 🙁 lol

  19. I also wanted to know if there is wifi on the ship and if so is it expensive?

  20. Is the sailboat nice? Big rooms and good restaurants?

  21. Such a great video, so beautiful and inspiring! I can't wait to see more! I subbed! <3

  22. love this video! you got some really beautiful shots of the island! Just wondering what camera you used for the underwater shots?xx

  23. I love Greece! So beautiful, such a lovely video! xx

  24. I think this is my favourite vlog of yours! I just got back from Greece a week ago & I'm already having withdrawals!!

  25. I absolutely liked this video 😇 Greece and generally the aegean sea is awesome 😇

  26. Greece looks like filled of a bunch of beautiful things ❤❤ thanks for sharing with us, Josie!

  27. Lovely video. I just came back from Santorini so loved seeing your perspective of the Greek islands

  28. What is the white sleeveless top you are wearing when you are exploring the town?x

  29. Loved the video 😍 I'll be going to Crete in the second week of August. And I'm really looking forward to it. And these images looked amazing!!! Thanks for sharing 😘

  30. Beautiful travel vlog, on August I'm going to Santorini too! 😉


  31. It is like an advertisement for my country! Thank you so much!

  32. Gorgeous video <3 where is ur first bikini from (the one with the bow)?

  33. It looks so beautiful! What a perfect trip and I loved how you edited this video! You will definitely get to 100K subs soon

  34. Wow everything look so beautiful. All the food looks delicious. And all ur outfits are gorgeous.

  35. I envy you and Charlie. So young and enjoying your adventurous lives. I have always wanted to visit Santorini…back in the 8Os when a movie came out called  "Summer Lovers".  I hope you both continue to see the world and I will be happy to watch it.

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