Disinformation czar pitches idea to allow verified Twitter accounts to edit others' tweets

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, WSJ assistant editorial page editor James Freeman and Optimal Capital Director of Strategy Frances Newton Stacy on Elon Musk criticizing a pitch by ‘disinformation czar’ to allow verified Twitter accounts to edit others’ tweets.

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  1. In her own words thats "how you hide a lie little lie thats how you hide a lie little lie"

  2. Who chooses a "verified" editor, the leftist of course. That was the problem in the first place but nobody expects a dumbacrat to recognize the obvious.

  3. Her title should be commie czar

  4. A democracy is only as good as the majority of voters.

    This is what the majority of American voters want

    For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

  5. Elon Musk and Russell Brand have done more for fundamental rights than all Americans.

    The majority of Americans have replaced freedom and fortitude with weakness and unfairness

  6. Misinformation!! Misinformation!! Misinformation!!

    Domestic terrorist!! Domestic terrorist!! Domestic terrorist!!

    Wolf!! Wolf!! Wolf!!

  7. Marty Poopings idea would force more to delete accounts

  8. A better question is who controls and created the bots.


  10. While I still have Freedom of Speech. Fk Joe Biden! Fk the Democrats. Fk his administration and Fk his ministry of truth and Fk anyone who voted for them.
    Republicans need to remind people the history of the Democratic Party.

  11. you're looking at the future president of AMERICA

  12. Fox Reporter- “It’s unconstitutional”

    Tsar Nina J.- “Exactly”!

  13. I didn't think it was possible but I just made a bot that edits liberal tweets into disgusting porn posts… dam, that's classic… 😆

  14. The demons are going to be annihilated in the midterms.

  15. Lol. I made a bot that creates bots that makes more bots for random actions… good hunting Elon, your gunna need it Musky Man…

  16. Twitter management is guilty of false accounting and publication of false financial statements. They need to be investigated by Grand Jury for fraud, including wire fraud, Interstate fraud and security laws, right now.
    Where is the FBI/SEC? Why is Biden criminal family Consiglieri Garland not doing anything?

  17. They just figured out all social media is a lie 👏👏👏👏👏 its not just Twitter, it's YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc etc etc 😂😂😂😂😂🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

  18. It's funny the news is like a month behind… what Musk is doing now, is what his next step was a month ago!

  19. Then what is the point of ever using Twitter again? I'm going to stop right now.

  20. 25% of everyone's followers are fake for those that have 10k ore more

  21. the same thing is going on on Facebook I have 315 friends most of wish that I don't even know I do Facebook just for my family and my close friends I didn't know I had that much family and friends 315 hello wake up America