Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Disney shares fall after Q3 earnings miss

Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman and Variety business editor Cynthia Littleton on Disney’s third-quarter earnings.

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  1. Dark Phoenix loss is only $170 million. Seriously folks? Disney is having a record breaking year, both in content investment and box office. Powerhouse is the word! ☕

  2. Good. Let that pedophile haven fail.

  3. Maybe if they made it more affordable more people would go.All they do is prey apon families.i want to go and I live in Florida!I can't afford to pay for it and it bums me out.

  4. Great news. Their pandering to fat pink-haired wamen is pissing people off. We have had enough of "positive discrimination". They have ruined star wars, they are openly ignoring white men. I wish them nothing but ill.

  5. Disney has become a leftist propaganda machine… Decent folks aren't interested in funding evil!

  6. When they go SJW they lose half their audience.

  7. Get woke go broke….
    Grown men at Disneyland…
    Take out a loan for one day..
    $15 bottle of water
    GANGS in the happiest place on Earth.
    SJW Jedi

  8. Just wait until the next Star Wars turd movie comes out.

  9. According to Bob Iger they are going to do rejuvenated versions of 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and 'Home Alone' in the future. Apparently, that's his big plan.

  10. What’s wrong with day old bread. Rich fockers sux!

  11. You people are clueless. Disney is an evil company. People are catching on to it. Their shares will start to go down

  12. Disney Star Wars is on the way out. The park was underwhelming. They only have one more movie left. Really depends on how the tv show does.

  13. Parks are packed? I heard they were down.

  14. They went down cause Disney cruise lines got connected to Epstein Island. Cashing out

  15. Disney is connected to Epstein Island and missing children from Disney Cruse ship ALL DISNEY assets will be seized. DISNEY PEDOPHILIA LAND

  16. The SJW movies suck and the parks are full of creepers. What could go wrong?

  17. I have been hearing one story after another like this. Yet none of the SJW's who run companies like this ever get over themselves. If anything, they just get all the more full of themselves the more they unwittingly screw themselves over.

  18. F Disney and their wokeness!!!! 😎

  19. Get Woke hope this continues until they are broke! And they are doubling down. Disney is a zombie compared to what Walt envisioned. If people knew truth behind the current Disney if they had any morals would be appalled.

  20. Pedoland has a problem giving its state citizens a break on their tickets while people pollute florida poisoning the waters. Dont forget the pedophilia they attract..

  21. After being linked to pedophiles such as V .P LARSON convicted and Epstein island trafficking Disney little St James island cruise

  22. Fck Disney and the liberals that ruined it.

  23. doesn't bother me, I don't support Disney

  24. Disney's Woke Bubble is bursting. Destroying Star Wars was unacceptable

  25. 무슨말을해야하나난감합니다추적하는차량들과감시원들그수많은사람과차량들은제가범법하기만기다리고잡지는않아요지하철버스을타도감시원있고거리를걸어도추적차량은겁만주고모든감시원은지켜보고이런상황에저는어찌합니까변명도하기싫어요전화도수신과발신도안되게만들어써요공동전화를걸여하면추적차량이오고감시원이와요나의모든것이감시뿐입니다그리고기초생활수급자를2019년에는신청안했습니다이런걸알았지때문이죠잘못된면죽을떄까지정신병원에감금할겁니다southKores가난한사람들은대부분그렇게신청하고공무원들도유도도합니다1년에다시또그렇게합니다유효기간이1년입니다

    Better sell now ! Only going to get worse !

  27. Disney missed because they are no longer an entertainment company. They have become so politically correct that politics trumps good story telling. It is so bad that the story does not matter as long as they preach politically correct dogma. Disney does not get my money any more and I guess others agree with me.

  28. Yup. Real true honest feedback here from a real blue collar American = DISNEY you chose the wrong side. I haven't purchased none of your products, or seen any of your films since early 2017. I have all your channels parental blocked on my cable. I have 4 daughters, and a wife, and we use to spend a decent amount on Disney products. When the kids ask why they can't see a Disney movie, or get a Disney toy, I tell them the truth. Your decision's, like Nike are going to impact you negatively for decades. Those people you chose to support, are not the majority by far, and do not represent what we want for our children, and future. R.I.P Disney.

  29. They shouldn't have been supporting abortion/infanticide and using kids in their commercials to achieve income

  30. "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows."  Galatians 6:7


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