Friday , January 22 2021
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Dobbs presses DHS Deputy Secy over federal protest response

Acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli tells FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs that President Trump has ‘been very clear which side he’s on.’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. I think antifa and BLM is sponsored by the Chinese

  2. Obama's gift to American's= his soldiers Anfita ! Shocking what is going on !!. Anyone thinking or saying that these are*peaceful protests *
    needs to Stop and think again, this has been planned and is intentional Paid for and they are Out of their dangerous minds ,off their Rockers.!!
    innocent decent People in the middle of this turmoil .Who are really afraid outraged at their losses and their freedom!
    Even a can thrown it is a weapon an assault..Dem's have heaps to answer to!! that's for sure.!
    May God Bless ,you & yours..President Trump helping to save America 🙏🌹🍁Have a good day Lou ! Keep up your Great work..🌹🧁


  4. Send in the Federal Agents by the thousands if we have too. Arrset the Mob Rioters and the Mayors too. Thanks President Trump for implementing the Inserrection Act. Good job President Trump. Trump 2020. Go out and vote in November.

  5. many of Seattle and Portland want to be defended by the police and agencies..these are not FEDS they are agents..People want heir cities protected and scrue BLM. Antifa communists and take them OUT

  6. Lou, just quit having guests on your show. You constantly interrupt and won't let em talk anyway.

  7. We need another Kent State and start shooting these Paid Mercenary Terrorist.

  8. Those Governors and Mayors should be arrested, they are doing more than watching, they are facilitating in the least, but actually organising terrorism is more like it. It's pathetic how criminals can hide behind political jobs to get immunity of blatant crimes.

  9. Anyone, paid or not, who joins in these events has a thirst for violence and harm. We know these people not intending peaceful protests, they are turning up armed with weapons that really damage, they are attending with the intention to hurt others and wreck lives. One day, they'll be adults with children of their own and be sickened by this behaviour, but will it be too late?
    And how come they can't see that they are being used by "above the law" people who stir them up, get them hurt or arrested or killed, while they're sitting in their comfy offices and luxury homes with an armed security detail that you pay for?


  11. I heard the left's new plan for the country is to have AOC podcast out to everyone to "USE YOUR WORDS, USE YOUR WORDS"!………yup, that ought to fix our current situation.

  12. Where’s the citizens???? R u crazy. Their being prisoners in their homes , city has been taken over by criminals . They will be arrested as criminals if they Exercise their Second Amendment honest citizens are now the criminals


  14. We as Citizens in Portland do not have the mayor to protect us nor do we have the police we can call on to protect us so what are we to do other than the only protection we have is our firearms to protect our homes we need President Trump to step up and claim Marshall law until this city is in order

  15. Ted wheeler needs to be arrested for terroristic Acts being in the front line in downtown Portland with rioters

  16. Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Philidelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, Detroit, Minneapolis and on and on it goes. Civil unrest? Civil War ! Martial Law will be next. Antifa, BLM, the DNC and radicals from nearly every university trying to intimidate through violence their will on the American people. It has to stop. Speak up and stand up for our Republic and the US Constitution. Pull that red lever on November 3rd.

  17. Spread em out as LRRP units and haul in the targets for exposure.

  18. Chicago mayor Lightfoot should buy a pair of Nikes and walk away from the job.

  19. Bring out the water cannons at these riots.

  20. It is, the President's duty to uphold his duties as president of the United States he is required by law to uphold and defend United States of America from the inside of the United States so I fully support the presidents decision to send help to the cities that are in crisis
    thank you

  21. Black lives matter group has 30 million dollars let's take it and fix what they destroyed

  22. Hell yes, I hope they arrest the mayor and City councilmen to. The terrorist supporters against the citizens

  23. They want Trump out and will do anything to get him out.

  24. It’s up to the state governors and the city Myers to decide in whether or not to let the federal government troops in their city’s and states

  25. Yes very concerned, he said scared, its time to get out of democrat run states and cities……..

  26. Democrooks lose election they tried to control with federal tax dollars, they start the Russian collusion sham with more of our taxes, they then impeach with no reason using more tax money, the list goes on then a virus is released from a lab in China and shuts down our economy, oh by the way that lab was using our tax dollars to study the corona virus, and now that none of all that worked the democrat party which asked law abiding citizens to attack their opposition to power now want mail in ballots. You must be stupid to not see the picture of what's going on in America. Vote for you're children's freedom vote Trump and Republican.

  27. Considering we cannot depend on our military as protecting American lives in American cities is considered "political", we don't have any choice but to drop the other foot on these Democrat failed cities. Chicago shouldn't complain. Back in the day the Federal Agents Eliot Ness and the Untouchables came to CHI-TOWN to battle Al Capone and his cronies and were very successful. Only people complaining then, as now, were the politicians and crooks.

  28. The democrat party is ran like Chinese communist party. Do what you're told or else.

  29. Republican party is lame and useless. AG Barr is nowhere. Trump and DHS are all you got. The ordinary Citizens are supporting by patiently waiting and praying for miraculous good outcome.

  30. People are terrified of this violence! We are so thankful for President Trump! Thank you for the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Officers who are here!

  31. It is VERY CLEAR which side I am on! TRUMP on November 3. no fake election! Biden MUST debate! He must answer the tough questions!! and WHO THE HELL IS BIDEN's VEEP???? whaat up wid dat?

  32. Back to operation FALCON with chaos and out of control and provocation

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