Friday , November 27 2020
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Doctors insert 2 stents to unblock one of Bernie Sanders' arteries

The oldest candidate in the Democratic race has a history of high cholesterol, but no heart disease in the past.


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  1. Trump would have said: “I have a heart… I have the best heart… there was this fake news circulating that I had a heard attack… AND heart attack… and that I was in bad shape… very bad people said that, folks… very bad, believe me… they want president Trump out… but here I am, even after my heart attack… which did not happen by the way, even after my heart attack… I’m standing here stronger than ever… it’s true… I have symptoms… I have the best symptoms… my doctor can confirm that, just ask him… I can’t release my medical records now because I’m still being audited but it will be out folks… very soon… and the fake news will cry like little babies… and meanwhile we will win bigly… we will make America great again… it’s true… we will make America great again and then in 20’020, we will keep America great! God blesh… the Unite Shtaysh.

  2. had near one at 32 but he saved us both

  3. who cares about that old washed up fascist nazi he is unbrave not strong and a coward fuck that socialist nazi scumbag feel the bern fill a urn


  5. Lmao and fuck biden and warren these people are fucking retarded

  6. Good riddance ya old fart die already have fun in hell cause thats where your going you bastard😀

  7. Sorry, but there should be a shelf life on people running for office, like 60…

  8. ABC news – OH ON LOOK AT THIS OLD MAN HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!! THIS CAN'T BE GOOD…… (Oh and by the way he feels better than before)

  9. Bernie you can't be Batman. You're Kryptonian 🤔

  10. Poor guy . definitely too old except for the Democrats haha

  11. Veep selection for both parties will be important.

  12. I was hoping for a description of the stent procedure.

  13. Another false idol toppled. God is cleaning house. What a time to be alive.

  14. Glad to see Bernie is okay, that Medicare really helped.

  15. president: dies
    People who didn't support him and hated him: hip hip hooray,he's in his grave

  16. The only good commie is a dead commie!! Come on Bolshevik Bernie, kick the can already!!!

  17. slime ball scripted Neoliberal predatoril corporate media…….Lack of ethics, yellow journalism….He had stents…And he will be back…Get over it

  18. He's done for campaign wise. Running in an election is an ass ton of stress, the last the he needs to keep doing is running unless he plans on putting his health on the back burner.

  19. Get well, Bernie. But, we need Andrew Yang as Vice President. He can take this into the 2024 election and beyond!

  20. Fake news!Everyone knows 😈Demon-Rats 👹don't have hearts.

  21. Don't vote for him. He will be dead by the time the election rolls around.

  22. The only good socialist is a dead socialist. I hope you drop dead Bernie

  23. I heard that Pocahontas sent Bernie a box of donuts and a pack of cigarettes as a get well present.

  24. Maybe we should question his health. God bless Bernie


  26. I'm glad he's benefiting from quality privatized healthcare

  27. He really put his foot in his mouth on this one. Politicians don't deserve free healthcare.

  28. I'm not surprised there very old arteries no seriously why are these old timers still in the game give it over to the younger generation

  29. Love Bernie!! God bless for a speedy and full recovery!!

  30. Bernie's healthcare will pay for 2 stents to put in his heart. That could cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Under free healthcare this wouldn't cost a dime. Why? Because there will be no doctors to do the surgery with "free healthcare"

  31. Hospitals got to sucker off some of the 25 million using stents, what about the heart pills?

  32. Hillary fucked him over again.

  33. He uses our Health Care system which he despises and wants to destroy instead of going to Cuba or Venezuela for his heart attack…… What a fucking Hypocrite.

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