Thursday , January 27 2022
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Doctors, nurses protesting Trump's immigration policies

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli on the San Francisco medical community’s protest of the Trump administration’s immigration policies and the border wall.

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  1. Yeah deportation of sick kids is not popular.

  2. Republican war on brown children continues.

  3. Why are we not talking about EVERIFY? Why aren’t we doing the one easy fix?
    Why isn’t fox talking about it?
    It would solve everything!

  4. Immigrants do the jobs that Americans don't want to do…like marrying Donald Trump

  5. Stop keeping them, send them back !

  6. Why aren’t these doctors and nurses worried about the disease being spread by the homeless in San Francisco?

  7. Screw anyone who is against the Presidents policy on illegal immigration. The President is protecting the American people and the taxpayer from paying billions of dollars. It also saves our Red States from turning Blue. The corrupt Democrats don’t give a dam about the American people, all they care about is staying power and continue to get rich on the hard working American taxpayer. Vote Republican and keep the Democrats out of office.

  8. These nurses and Doctors from California are illegals.

  9. California nurse and doctors care nothing for the safety of Americans who cares what they think these people want open borders.

  10. Ken and his idiotic group of Supposed doctors and nurses need to help AMERICAN's FIRST and then worry about illegal ILLEGAL CRIMINALS from south of the border. This man is delusional if he thinks Americans want to support these ILLEGALS before helping AMERICANS.

  11. californian's protesting Trump? no way, that's craaaazy talk

  12. What kind of game is this……I don't want to go to the hospital they are from! They are not some political experts…. go back to work and do your jobs.

  13. what an -ss.!  this new rule is about letting President Trump and Stephen Miller keep children in awful conditions for longer periods of time and continue the administration's horrid treatment of innocent migrant families fleeing unthinkable hardship,

    It will take away state licensing authority over family detention facilities and hand that power over to ICE. At the same time, it will remove the ability of designated lawyers, who have a mandate under Flores to monitor the conditions children are kept in, to even set foot in the detention centers.

    Less oversight when we are confronted with stories of hungry, sick, immigrant children sleeping on concrete floors, federal attorneys dared to go to court recently to argue that they weren’t obligated to provide them with soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, bedding, and even food fit for human consumption. Compounding the shameful behavior, earlier this week it was revealed that Customs and Border Protection will not be vaccinating inmates in its facilities—despite the fact that three children have died of flu in detention centers this year, and despite the fact that, as I reported for The Nation earlier this year, volunteer doctors and nurses working with immigrants released from these centers report an alarming incidence of flu and other dangerous pulmonary and infectious diseases

    US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit filed a ruling against an attempt by the Department of Homeland Security to prevent enforcement of Flores. The summary read, “These findings were based on evidence that minors in United States Customs and Border Protection’s custody were held in conditions that deprived them of sleep and did not provide adequate access to food, clean water, and basic hygiene items.

  14. It should be a violation when doctors don’t help patients who go to them. All just because they don’t like trumps administration should be a heavy fine. Ughhh the doj needs to pass a bill that if people do something that’s a form of hate to the trump administration or trump himself. I’m sick of demon craps having a mic and just shouting blistering non sense. They should be found at fault and if they make citizens radicalize their beliefs to a hoax they should also be held or fined…

  15. Nurses should not be protesting because hospitals can pay immigrants less money do their job.

  16. Nobody cares about CA anymore, move along!

  17. LOL!!!!!! Why is San Diego saying anything???

  18. Who cares what anyone from San Fransh**thole thinks

  19. I didn't know a giant dump had doctors LOL

  20. Only because they want to continue on the Federal government dole.

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