Monday , January 25 2021
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Doorbell Video Shows Amazon Delivery Driver Praying For Baby At Risk Of COVID-19 | NBC Nightly News

The moment was captured when driver Monica Salinas delivered supplies for 8-month-old Lucas Pearson, who has a cardiovascular anomaly that puts him at risk of coronavirus.
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Doorbell Video Shows Amazon Delivery Driver Praying For Baby At Risk Of COVID-19 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I literally cried, this world needs this SO MUCH right now!❤️

  2. My question is: How did the baby get it, but not the parents? That just doesn't make any sense 🤨

  3. I echo her prayer. I've seen the power of God. Bring your divine blessing to that baby dear God.

  4. What are they doing!! Now my eyes are sweaty….just got a small hope injection. Thank you.

  5. That driver is awesome God bless the Pearson family

  6. Wow what an Angel praying and God bless your lil boy and God bless u and your family's 🙏

  7. This gave me chills this was so beautiful ❤️ i hope the baby is doing well and getting better

  8. I don't believe in religions but when I see people properly using it for what its supposed to be and being selfless, that gives me hope for humanity!

  9. God bless this lady and this beautiful family! Prayers cost us nothing but it can give us everything! 🙏🏽❤

  10. She is an angel. There are many that need prayers.

  11. If your child must have heart surgery please show them this medical article below, ask the doctors to put his thymus back. My son's thymus organ was removed without my knowledge or consent and he is now immunodeficient.

  12. Awww how adorable, playing make believe.
    How’s bout asking your creator why he’s created a virus that’s killing us?……

  13. The Amazon workers are good people, it's Bezos that sucks.

  14. Just glad it was taken the way she ment it and they didn’t get offended!

  15. Tears…god has blessed that young lady in the best way..a big heart

  16. He did it on purpose. He knew the camera was there. Duh

  17. I hope your babies doing okay bless you guys

  18. Thank You for showing America still has a heart. Good will, humanity, and humility is showing everywhere across America except in the White House.

  19. God bless this lady and this family
    Do you know why she perhaps ran at the end ?
    Because I went for an interview for Amazon delivery driver and they told me that you have 35 seconds to deliver the box if you take longer you can get couch because taking longer time for deliveries Can back up the rest of your deliveries.. Amazon doesn’t care about people and I hope the company can give her a raise and do something nice for this amazing employee (I doubt they’ll do that ) but she will get her blessings from the Only True God “Jesus Christ “
    Blessings to this family and the lady

  20. by the way, she's running back to the van because of Amazon's abusive and overwhelming demands they put on drivers to way too much done in too little time

  21. Wow beautiful there's still good people

  22. This is exactly why we will overcome all if this.

  23. God is doing more than every Democrat combined 👌

  24. I really wish people would stop putting their sick kids lives out on social media, as matter of fact everyone should stop with the facebook, instagram, or whatever the app of the moment is. Live your life stop with the constant attention seeking. It's not a diary.

  25. Wouldn't it be nice if our POS President Dontard would express an iota of the empathy and humility of the workers on the front lines? IMAGINE!!!

  26. Instead of praying listen to doctors because this disease is only one of many. Did you know astronauts that have herpes can still go to space? Yikes!

  27. Thought this was Inside Edition

  28. Meditating to a super natural being instead of working. She should be fired.

  29. I’m so grateful there are still kind people here in the USA. 💕

  30. Love you delivery guy. !!!!

  31. Those gestures make America great, why don't u realize it and kick out that president?

  32. That’s so sweet on her praying for the baby and I hope the baby gets better

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