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Dorian hits Outer Banks with 100 mph winds, 14 inches of rain l ABC News

First responders arrived by helicopter to Okracoke Island, hit hard by the hurricane, to help the estimated 800 people who did not evacuate.



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  1. It is only going to take a cat 3 or 4; then the Outer Banks will resemble the Virginia barrier islands..

  2. 1:40 Dang, he loves his job… Your life is worth more……

  3. We didnt know it would be this Bad!?????…DUMB BITCH!

  4. I highly doubt that. Fake news.

  5. North Carolina’s 3rd storm in less than a year. Florence dumped 30” of rain in areas, Hell I had almost 22” where I am inland. There are people who haven’t recovered from Matthew let alone Florence.

  6. Follow tornado alerts on Twitter.stay safe.

  7. They couldn’t get anyone good had to go the Boy Scouts. Joke.

  8. this guy is in cahoots with the Pope – would you believe a man like him? Enough said

  9. Why the H didn’t these people evacuate, stupid!

  10. Always didn’t know it’s going to be this bad come on do y’all even watch the news??? Get out of there when your warned to in the first place.

  11. I live in cocoa beach and never left…but from this place, I wuda left

  12. In North Carolina. Checking in

  13. Ouu wee… Check out the wealth of latent heat of evaporation. Oh yes…

  14. but Boris Johnson and Donald duck say everythink is fantastic…

  15. No one ever knows but Warning's were given and we must heed them.

  16. You had alot of time to prepare no ones fault if you stayed its a hurricane wtf do u expect

  17. People overestimate the hardiness of their homes, the height of water. It's awful. People in power don't believe in climate change. You can bet the insurance companies do.

  18. I live in Florida and was very afraid of Dorian as it was my first hurricane and this news story makes me even more thankful to God for turning the hurricane away at the last minute.

  19. I’m from Brazil and I was in the outer banks earlier this year. I loved it. Hope everyone is safe now!
    And I’m sorry lady, but if you tell me you didn’t know the storm would be this bad living in such a narrow piece of land you’re out of your damn mind. Tv, internet! Jesus 🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Haitian Pirates came in to Abico Bahamas and took it over- they are looting and taking over homes- they are hijacking humanitarian plains and taking their resources –

  21. How did they not know? How it is even possible? What nonsense

  22. Prayers for everybody man this is only the beginning 🙏

  23. Why people decided to stay after all the warning?,

  24. If you live on an island and they tell you to get out of the area, LEAVE! This storm is no joke!
    Don't put yourself and the first responders in that kind of danger to rescue you! OMG STOP BEING DUMB!

  25. You had plenty of WARNING to get OUT !!
    NO EXCUSE !!

  26. Those who stay put the lives of the rescuers on the line. They should just leave them and let them finish the ride


  28. She should have said “ I was too dumb to believe the news reports”. At least that would’ve made sense and been true! 🧐🤯😡

  29. Im not SURPRISED all this IDIOT'S provabvly thought that was going to HIT ALABAMA. (TRUMPTARDS)

  30. "We didn't know it was going to be this bad" 1:17. I guess they hadn't checked any sources of news for over a week.

  31. 빨리 끝내줄께 ^^~~~ Hurricane 무한 쌤통 3차 세계대전으로 다 불로타서 죽어라!!!ㅗ📱📅~🇰🇷이재근 2013year

  32. Feel bad for those people.
    It is our nature as human if we evacuate and nothing happen we will blame reports. If it’s bad and we don’t evacuate, we’ll say we didn’t know it would be this bad!

  33. 충격 아닌 문재인 남자야. Good morning, walking in the street♪♬ ~ camel?😄📅

  34. And yet people deny global warming

  35. Thanks ABC FOR THIS INFORMATION. 100 % Thumbs up. For those stupid 47 people who didn't like it probably wanted to see dead bodies. Your sick and you take life for granted.God Bless and thanks for the service crew helping as fast as possible.😇😇

  36. And you say africa is poor?? We don't have such disaster.🙉proud Kenyan

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