Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Dorian's wind field gets stronger: The National Hurricane Center's latest update | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian is on track to become a major hurricane with dangerous storm surge and winds before its slams into Florida’s east coast at the end of Labor Day weekend, forecasters said Thursday.
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Dorian left the Caribbean relatively unscathed as it pushed past Puerto Rico and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands on Wednesday. But forecasters at the National Hurricane Center say the storm is primed to strengthen to a Category 3 hurricane with possible “rapid intensification” as it swirls into the Atlantic.

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  1. I know that there is no such thing as a category 6 hurricane but is it possible? Hurricane Dorian was a cat 5 hurricane if hurricane Dorian got stronger then a cat 5 hurricane will that make Hurricane Dorian a cat 6 hurricane?

  2. That's one vicious hurricane. I live in Barbados and it passed us as just a tropical storm with very little damage. Thank God for that . Stay safe everyone.

  3. My son & daughter-in-law are flying to Aruba TODAY. Must keep on top of that. Does anyone know if airlines will change their flight path or cancel flights if they might encounter such a storm?

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  6. I want my mommy 😣😣😣😣😣😣

  7. Who would move to Florida with the constant hurricanes you have to be retarded. Oh yeah half the country aka democrats are really stupid so I guess that makes sense

  8. Walmart and Publix receipts are in dry 📦

  9. Half of the comments:I don't care if their is a Hurricane no school!!!!
    The other half:I still half to work 🙁
    P.S stay safe if you are in the path of Hurricane Dorian

  10. Low wages are life threatening!! Why is no one covering that??

  11. This is the First Tested Storm The Elites Made, The Nuclear Power Plant on the Barrier Island Of Fort Pierce is the Key Play. Now they have the Tesla's Technology, they are going to destroy any place they want!!! You can not depend on any forecasters, they get paid with a Script and God Help Us All!!!

  12. I would not want to live any where else! Life is tough so we deal with terrible storm from time to time We live is Paradise.

  13. Work in a hotel on the beach in south Florida. Our guests have already noped the heck out

  14. There will be a lot of people Baker Acted if the storm hits Florida?

  15. And here comes the oversized weather beyblade…

  16. Just another day in paradise. Give me the people, the food, and sports in sunny Fla any day of the week. I'll visit other places, but this place is home. We'll get through this, just like every other time.

  17. Some Florida resisents believe this is "fake news" Absolute morons.

  18. Dude in the blue shirt, this may not be the best time to mumble through a forecast. Just sayin'.

  19. keep going presidents with the policies that promote climate change and these situations will get worse and worse

  20. ….and some people still say there is no climatic change

  21. Get to higher ground, take cover and don't take this lightly. Prepair bags that you can carry and don't forget waterproofing and extra pairs of socks and shoes. You just may need it.

  22. Maybe it will cross Florida and end up in the Gulf

  23. Omg folks….whats going on folks.

  24. It's not even making landfall so relax everyone!!

  25. What about the Nuclear Power Plants in Florida…………?

  26. It's going to tear Florida up folks…

  27. Its literally walking to florida

  28. There's a nuclear power plant on Lucy Island. I think with 2 reactors. Nothing to worry about folks, it's just nuclear power plant that's pretty old. Hopefully the generators aren't below sea level like Fukushima.

  29. For those that stay behind in Florida, to take advantage of those who left ! I hope you get blown away & or washed away !

    Have a nice day ! 🌀🌊 😉✌

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