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Dozens Killed In Escalating Israel-Hamas Violence

A 14-story building in Gaza that had been evacuated and housed media offices, including a Hamas-run TV station, crashed to the ground following an Israeli airstrike. The escalating violence is the worst in seven years. More than 50 Palestinians and seven Israelis have been killed.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Dozens Killed In Escalating Israel-Hamas Violence


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  1. Hamas.. the goveners in Gaza..

    Instead of building universities and high-schools in Gaza,
    Pubs and resturants.
    Instead of going to the beach and enjoy life,
    Prefer to build tunnels for terror and rockets.
    They are so stupid its amazing!
    Every 2 years starting a war!
    For what?
    How did it promote the Gaza people??
    This is bulshit! Im telling you.
    Just see how many good things we have in israel!
    These people hamas just want wars!
    Without wars they are nothing. Zeros.
    Wake up world!
    Help to build life in Gaze,
    Not rockets…

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  3. Allah keep palestine amin iam sorry for what happening palestine

  4. God Himself created the bani Israel in the 12 main tribes of the bani israel. God who guided all the Bani Israel from Egypt and placed all the Bani Israel in the land of canaan which was the holy land of Israel forever. This is the territory of the holy land of Israel. Palestine was a false state founded by some wild tribes who came from the area around the holy land of Israel at the time of Assyrian exile and Babylonian exile at the time. Whatever God ordained for the Children's of Israel, no creature can change it forever. Who started this dirty and sinful situation ??? God and Nebi Moses, Nebi elijah loved all the Bani Israel from heaven. God bless you and your family. Shalom,

  5. The more they intensify attack the more casualty is expected on both side children women older people why not fight face to face no face cover. Prove your the best be killed.

  6. This is the work of one sick mind just ONE!! Find him!!!

  7. 🇮🇱❤🇮🇱❤🇮🇱❤

  8. WW3 coming to a town near you

  9. Hey that's not how the world trade center fell

  10. The war between these two regions will never end, and civilians have to pay for it… sad.

  11. Terrorist Israel killing children shame on you coward people

  12. Kukka katuku cheppudebba

  13. Evil grows strong when leaders are weak, Biden is weak and clueless and as a result our enemies feel emboldened because they know he will do nothing.

  14. All this murder, destruction, and turmoil over which group of men have the better invisible man in the sky. Ain't religion awesome!

  15. please, we stop the actions of Israel against the oppression of the land of Palestine, we Indonesian Muslims and the Indonesian people strongly condemn the actions of the Zionists of Israel and those who support them. 😡

  16. That's sad, Àll those people who are just trying to live life have a beautiful country and all there's going to be left is nothing,,,, the ✋ of the Almty is about to come down on àll. It's time to sweep the planet and Apmospher , 👁️🤔🙄. From afar in the Galaxy they laughing at us waiting.

  17. “God’s people” would never act in such a way!

  18. Why they launched 1000 of missiles at civilians and now they are playing victim card they were so confident on their cheap small missile🤦♂

  19. Cause the Israeli government is such a trusted source. Last time it escalated this far Israeli forces shot white phosphorous rounds to burn down these buildings. Now they just destroy them with guided munitions supplied by the US.

  20. Yes! Hamas must be eliminated all….Hamas is thirsty blood suckers

  21. World War lll 🌎 humanity sucks 💯

  22. Palestinians suffer from the two greatest evils ever ! …. Islam and Judaism. Glad I am not a Palestinian.

  23. You're not defending yourself when you have the hand. Hitler reincarnated. Reap what you sow! Isreal will never learn until it's too late.

  24. Israeli have no problem killing children.

  25. FINALLY, a fun news to watch. News used to be so fun with Trump as president. Now it's boring again.

  26. 😳😳😳🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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