Saturday , February 27 2021
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Dr. Fauci Says We’re In A Race Against Time To Beat Covid Variants | NBC Nightly News

Dr. Fauci speaks with NBC News’ Richard Engel about the U.S.’ best chance to fight more contagious strains of the virus.
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Dr. Fauci Says We’re In A Race Against Time To Beat Covid Variants | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I take Vitamin C, D+K, and a probiotics and I haven’t been sick for the last 50 years and I can be around sick people all day and not get sick because I have a strong and healthy immune system but my advice doesn’t matter because it is not the main goal of depopulation for humanity.

  2. Everyone has it except you and me and everyone we know………………

  3. This is the man who said on Jan 20 last year that this virus was not a threat to U.S.A. And criticized Trump for the travel ban. He flip flops all the time.

  4. It's time the world wakes up and sees what's going on, we are being terrorized and taken over by the New World Order who has no good intentions with humanity at all…

  5. Why are him and Bill Gates not being charged with Genocide?

  6. Omg this is going to be difficult🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are so full of crap fucci.

  7. More fake news 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. People still listen to dr funky people falling right into the trap

  9. I can't believe this fraud is the most paid government worker.Paid by americans to lie to americans

  10. Just wondering if the creationists are starting to believe in evolution?

  11. Vitamin D, C and zinc defeat the China virus….

  12. Now he wants you to wear two masks, let me guess….we will work our way up to 10 masks?
    Masks don’t work….if they did, we would be over this

  13. Don’t trust dr Fauci he’s a 👿

  14. Dr. Fauci. Tell me a joke. Cause some say, at least half of it may be thrue…

  15. When Time… is youre enemy,WADR you are more than defeated!

  16. Time is kind of relative!But a huge factor as well! Working for no one, just pass by…

  17. I wouldn't be surprised if the virus strain was developed in a lab owned by fakci and Gates then sold to China to be released through the Wuhan lab

  18. These are the evil DECEIVERS the bible speaks of in these last days…the devil is working all his tricks to all u dumbed down dummies of the world…u better repent and turn away from all your sins and pray …the almighty lord is near ..that's why u see all these things happening and this is just the beginning

  19. Sorry, I’m too busy coughing on people. 😂

  20. Fauci is an embarrassment for all serious scientists… official no more, hiding the truth…be good

  21. Now that Biden is funding the CCP controlled WHO again, Fauci feels more confident in blaming the virus on a wild bat transmission again. US State dept has already confirmed scientists at the Wuhan lab became ill in autumn 2019 and CCP will not let WHO interview them. Also confirmed is that the Wuhan lab conducts biochemical weapons research there and is run by CCP major general Chen Wei. The cover up of more than 2 million deaths worldwide by Xi Jinping and the CCP is obscene and Biden, Congress, and other countries are complicit in their own citizens deaths. Whether accidental or intentional, all of these people now have blood on their hands.

  22. shut up dr. know nothing!

  23. I say the covid would be better fought if the country was locked down, and send ongoing checks to the people, for the first 100 days.

  24. We aren't running out of humans anytime soon. The "experts" still have not determined how many people become infected, but never display symptoms – probably the primary source of outbreaks.

  25. Lolol, its insane… after Obama told this guy to stop researching this virus, he funded it out to wuhan. Its sheer craziness that this guy, that ignored the president, is STILL in charge and has been WRONG at every decision. The lunacy of our leaders is nutz. FML

  26. So a week ago this same Dr fauci said the vaccine won't stop you from getting the virus but today it will stop it on day he said dont wear mask then wear mask now he says wear 2 mask he doesn't know hes paid alot to say what hes told

  27. this is a way to scare people into getting the so called vaccine which is rushed science and a therapy not a vaxx

  28. So if you go back in time. And reports and comments made.
    They knew it was airborne way way before they said anything.
    Then it was use your shirt. A cloth. Etc
    Then mask.
    You can say there were not enough mask.
    To be very clear there were not enough
    N95 mask.
    They have all failed us.
    But anyone with a brain could of figured it out that it was airborne. Touch doesn’t spread that fast

  29. Fauci, highest paid government official. Biggest fraudster in medicine today. How much did make under the table?

  30. Fauci's in a race against the Great Awakening. Him and Bill Gates are the threat

  31. The undocumented population would also have to be vaccinated but no one is talking about that. This can be a bigger problem than people think. You have to be very aggressive about this especially when you have a shadow community of people who are hiding because their undocumented. These people not being vaccinated makes other people vulnerable because a new strand is no longer a thought but rather a manifestation. People are going to see how undocumented people who are in hiding is going to be a problem. We have to many undocumented cow in the herd to hope that their going to some how melt or blend in. Vaccination will have to get aggressive or else we'll have people with Covid 25 with arms growing out of their head sitting next to us on the bus. I don't say this to be against undocumented people but rather just considering possibility.

  32. Wow. I'm speechless. What kind of a virologist thinks we can STOP viral mutation? Fauci is the laughingstock of scientists across the world. He actually represents the level of science in America? Please. SARS-CoV2 will continue to mutate until the end of time, but at this point it has reached endemic equilibrium, which means all subsequent variants will get weaker and weaker. The chances of a stronger variant is 1 out of 2,500. Then, when a new, totally different strain emerges, we will be dealing with the next wave called SARS-CoV3. This is Epidemiology 101. Fauci needs to go back to college and re-learn this basic stuff.

  33. If you do not want to wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, or get a vaccine, no problem, just do not go to the hospital when you catch it Everyone should be happy now.

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