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Dramatic moments as private plane makes emergency landing in Susquehanna River | ABC News

The FAA is investigating why the aircraft had to make a splash landing in a Pennsylvania river, near Three Mile Island.


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  1. No socialista no corrupción delincuentes jamás, adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo 2020_24_ en familia equipo jesuscristo les bendice hoy siempre aleluyah Rajem ShaBBat!!!!!!

  2. Shouldn't be flying over south Ohio.

  3. Bubba to the rescue Roberto’s needs to send some pizza over there

  4. Greta saw the plane and made a sour face

  5. The repeated misuse of the term "crash landing" is a mistake serious networks can't afford to make, Ms. Scott should learn the term Emergency Water Landing. Come on ABC.

  6. My house is 2 blocks from the shore where they went down. It was a crazy night, surprised to see it making major headlines.

  7. Great job but you can't compare landing that plane in shallow water to a passenger plane landing in the Hudson. Still a great job by the pilot

  8. They owe some nice gift to the Duck Commander friendly and fast – acting guy !!!

  9. Lmao – come on!! I mean, It's great he got it down, it's great they survived, BUT comparing this to Sullys landing?! Smh. Um, NO, Sully had HUNDREDS of lives at stake. There is NO comparison in the two!

  10. God is going to punish America…their sins are many against God…

  11. I bet it was that susquehanna weed…Haha Joey coco diaz

  12. when the title says Dramatic moments as private plane makes emergency landing in Susquehanna River you would expect to see the plane land in the river right? fkn click bait

  13. Bubba to the rescue 🤣🤣

  14. I love that water rafting rescue guy! high 5 Good Buddy! Good fishing! (I'm sure those fish are nuclear by 3 mile island)

  15. Float it to a boat landing. Drag it on sore, take the wings off, crane it on to a truck, and away you go.


  17. She mispronounced Susquehanna 😑

  18. The most "dramatic" part was the effect this incident had on that hippie stoner dude, lol

  19. Shane Dawson would be shook

  20. Praise God and bless that rescuer's sweet soul for saving those folks.

  21. Where are all these pilots getting their licenses from question work almost seems like they're from YouTube University.

  22. S/O abc27 news Harrisburg!

  23. Thank goodness this was Sully 2.0.

  24. Omg we need more people like him

  25. That puts another spin on blessed ..

  26. thank goodness they're ok😰😰

  27. Its crashing not landing. Crashing Hellooouuuu

  28. Glad everbody is safe but i didnt know SUSQUEHANNA was an actual place, how is the bud there

  29. I love eating white women out

  30. So happy you are ok, God, bless all of you😎😍🤩🤔

  31. What used to be " The Bermuda Triangle " is now in The 🇺🇸 ! 😨

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