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Drawn Ashes series is a fair result: Root

England skipper Joe Root praises the response of his team at The Oval after relinquishing the urn at Old Trafford and says a 2-2 scoreline is a fair result given the way the series went


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  1. Australia was better in the series. Stokes saved them a test match thats why they drew. Rubbish statement from root.

  2. Hey Root please say Thanks to Pain..who main role in series drawn!!! In 5th test match Australia elected bat first then 100% Australia win the series by 3-1.

  3. I personally hope Root is the English captain when they come to Australia. Teach hime another lesson

  4. ROOT says even? Stupid decision to Bowl first Paine!

  5. When you just have drawn the series but still lost… thats how karma hits you back. 😂😂

  6. England will get stomped in Australia in a couple of years. Stomped. 😀

  7. Root to Reporter be like, "Job saved Bro! what else do you want😅? "

  8. Poms – get ready for Australia – a hostile environment. Root explaining about the bright side of not regaining the Ashes; oh really!!
    Our Smith being free as the ultimate specialist batsman has proved Australia's winning formula. The terrible Sandpapergate mess was the circuit breaker Australia needed and will probably lead to Australia being the best in the world again for a long time too. Paine was given a hard task and he has succeeded in the most emphatic way! I think it caused us to retain the urn but – Look on the bright side all you want. (bit like your parliament mess)

  9. Both teams have problem with their batting. The bowling is good frin both teams. The greatest problem for Australia has been the failure of David Warner. The difference between both teams is Steve Smith.

  10. When you consider the fact that England was completely written off , the result was fair. People expected a 5 nil result. England has a lot to be proud of.

  11. Extraordinary summer of cricket hear hear Mr Root!

  12. What a summer of cricket england has had to play and what a summer of cricket we've been privileged to watch. Countless memories that would reminiscent with me forever

  13. Now they just have to clear their debt to Timmy and the umps for their contribution.

  14. to be fair poor umpiring leveled the series👎🏻

  15. We won one Toss, out of five..We lost Jimmy after 4 overs, down a bowler in the first test…Lords the rain beat us..Headingley, was amazing and will live in my memory forever..We lost at Old Trafford, and won at the Oval..All in all great effort..Well said Joe..Congrats to you and the boys!

  16. Biggest joke and this is coming from a neutral cricket fan. If a captain thinks this was fair then it is hard for the England cricket to move forward.

  17. I am really warming to Joe.

  18. How does Stokes win man of the series fair enough he was the one that saved England arse but still how does the leading run getter of the series not get man of the series what a fucken joke

  19. Fair result? You got outplayed the whole series lmao.

  20. Is it really a fair result though? To draw Australia on English soil?

  21. We still have the ashes tho. Soooo

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