Drivers failing to yield for emergency vehicles due to modern car features

Many modern cars are designed to minimize outside noises but this is creating issues for emergency responders who need drivers to hear their sirens and yield. NBC News’ Tom Costello has more details on new steps departments are taking to get drivers attention.

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  1. How do driverless cars react when emergency vehicles with siren and lights on approach it from the rear.

  2. 1:30: “Being delayed by 15 seconds can be the difference between life and death”. Then why doesn’t the media criticize speed bumps? Yes, they slow down speeding cars,but they also slow down emergency vehicles. It is possible that they cost as many lives as they save.

  3. All that "smart" tech in vehicles nowadays, but we can't create some sort of Emergency Vehicle Detector/Alert in our "smarter" cars or something?

  4. Front end push bar. Give those radio blasted & cell phone addicted idiots a bump. They will figure it out. Pay attention people!!!

  5. maybe I'm in a super cheap car. I hear sirens every time

  6. I doubt that's the case. In fact if I've learned anything about the unjustified deaths of men and women by PD and emergency responders it's that they'll save anyone immediately based off biases. Facts and stats don't lie.

  7. People have a valid point about attention; however what is important is that systems should not have to entirely rely on good behavior. Thus sound dampening poses a challenge where previously people would at least hear sirens even if they were not paying attention at that moment.

  8. How can people move when there is so much traffic…

  9. Drivers don’t use their mirrors. The evidence is Left Lane Lucy hogging a lane with 6-7 cars behind and open road in the front. Stay right, Pass left!

  10. Enforce tickets on left lane campers

  11. People are staring at their phones/displays totally obvious.

  12. Most dangerous in intersections. Can’t hear siren means going forward, not realizing a fire truck would be crossing from the left or right until visual is possible.

  13. This is a pet peeve of mine. I've done ride alongs with police, and when they are traveling at a high rate of speed, they need the road cleared far in advanced. Yet jerks wait until the last second to move over which slows down the emergency responders.

  14. It’s not the car but the driver

  15. Aside from headsets, why are there "soundproof" cars in the first place?

  16. The problem is that people don't check their mirrors. You wouldn't need to rely on the sirens if you checked your mirrors. You'll see them before you hear them. I've had hearing loss since I was a kid so I can't always rely on "hearing" the sirens. I constantly check my mirrors though and yes, I see people who are absolutely clueless that emergency vehicles are coming up behind them.

  17. What are some solutions to this? Maybe they can hijack our Bluetooth signals with an alert?