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Early Victims of ‘Havana Syndrome’ Speak Out About Ongoing Health Struggles

Diplomats Kate Husband, Doug Ferguson and Tina Onufer were among the first victims of “Havana Syndrome,” a still-unexplained phenomenon, while working at the U.S. embassy in Cuba. They tell NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell about the health challenges they face and the impact on their careers. More than 200 Americans around the world, mostly diplomats and spies, report feeling a similar set of neurological and other symptoms.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Early Victims of ‘Havana Syndrome’ Speak Out About Ongoing Health Struggles


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  1. I believe these people. I can’t imagine living like in pain like that every single day.

  2. These idiots are just trying to get some of that government money

  3. It seems like this must be electromagnetic radiation (EMR) applied with what we call DEW (directed energy weapon). We use DEW for things like setting up an invisible perimeter, where it heats the water molecules right in the skin and burns if a subject tries to enter it. It's very effective when that frequency is used, only going into the top of the skin & causing pain but no long term effects. However, I get the impression that this DEW with Havana Syndrome involves a different frequency that is somehow penetrating the skull.

    The military should be able to engineer counter measures like a special helmet that blocks EMR.

  4. Fun fact there are over 2000+ kind of cicadidae in worldwide.

  5. It looks like the sound of insects in Vietnam in the evening. ☺☺☺☺

  6. The diligent burst contrastingly kiss because produce ecologically fancy until a disgusting elizabeth. uneven, awful museum

  7. I am going through this right now. Please do more to help us.

  8. Space based weapons and satellites

  9. This is happening to innocent people as myself in Kankakee county Illinois.

  10. When 4 Neighbors simultaneously hears that disturbance .. it is Inflicted, intentionally from a distance . Those that diagnose the complaint as dillusionaL, are mediocres .

  11. Kijk eens naar Haarp Canada.

  12. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

  13. Those sound like the CE-5 tones from Dr Greer.

  14. It's spiritual. Seek the lord Jesus.
    No brain injury.

  15. "Perhaps it's the result of an anxiety" B.Z.

  16. Objective of proof of brain injury is not mass hysteria.

  17. I hate how they call this a diagnosis like it's a medical condition. That's so stupid of our government who were aware of research in 2007 to 2009 in MA tested on 10k civilians for a patent for Medussa by Raytheon which utilized Penn State's graduate school of engineering to conduct testing. Personally I am skeptical that they have signed waivers with contact information for most of the 10k people.when I asked They did not respond. They act like this was such a mysterious attack when it was absolutely known to them what the cause was. It is absurd to say a terrorist attack is a medical syndrome. One would speculate that it was an amateur group doing the attack due to it being audible to others, when professionals utilize directed energy inaudible to everyone but the target. A professional would use IR to locate the target via military grade drone, then use a fast steering mirror to transmit a microwave pulse to a single person at a time that no one else hears. They are capable of causing contact sensations with the energy pulses. This is published in scientific journals on pubmed. They can go through 2feet of cement on a building to locate a target. They deployed this weapon in Afghanistan about a year after their testing on us civilians in the USA. They can cause tinnitus, terrible itching, a feeling of one's head going to explode, dizziness, heart rhythm problems, blood clots and inflammation, and they kept victims awake for extreme amounts of time constantly tormenting them with sound, energy pulses and disruption of family members . This is not a syndrome, this is the result of a directed energy device at an amateur level. They know this, cause they do way worse to our own citizens right here in the USA. A famous whistleblower knew of it but won't stop protecting them, in fact I feel he blew the whistle on the NSA to protect the CIA from this private industry operated domestic spy program being discovered by networks of people who carried out the other activities in addition to the testing of the device. The social experiments to see if they could utilize the device to make or break relationships and set their agents up with powerful and wealthy romantic partners without those partners realizing their relationships were manipulated.

  18. CIA is spying other countries and the operation went out of control.

  19. None of this is true, its another form of American exceptionalism: these brain injuries and diseases are treated with rationality in other countries.

    In the USA it must be a foreign govt using "waves" to influence their lives.

    Please NBC, be a bit more realistic and seriously treat these claims, in no part in your piece do you put these claims to actual test.

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