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Earth Is About To Have A Close Encounter With A Massive Asteroid | Mach | NBC News

NASA is tracking an asteroid bigger than a one hundred story building that is expected to hurtle past Earth within about 4.6 million miles of us. It will be the closest call for our planet since 2001.
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Earth Is About To Have A Close Encounter With A Massive Asteroid | Mach | NBC News


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  1. If you believe this, then you are understand mind control… Take the blue, and pray that TMH will awake you before it's too late.

  2. If there is any asteroid activity and a explosion eventuates then i guarantee it was a inside job by the feral treasonist sub-human Elite!How can I be so sure? Because their is no SPACE and there is no tech or bomb that can breached the divinely made dome!What can breach a dome that is holding up more water found in all of earth?
    Nothing other then what the TRUE DIVINE ETERNAL CREATOR CONSCIOUS ENERGY(our true Creator of all that is just and good and who does not belong to any of the man-made religions that ever has existed for they are all globe advocates) wants to let in and nothing can breach the dome to be let out! So those scum led by NASA have worked on this staged deception and is deceiving us by way of fear-based propaganda and when they talk and spread mis-information about aasteroids and meteorites from outer space they are LYING!
    They come from within the dome as giant burning cocktails of mass substances fused together and projected like a missile possibly by a hidden defence system bunkers dotted all over the continent's,which ones who knows but definitely in Russia based on their numerous activities and sightings!

  3. The nasa never were tell us if one asteroid will hit the earth, and they never were tell us they can not stoped this asteroid .They were claim they have all under the controle, but in reality they all were hidden somewhere underground in some special bunkers, like some scared ratts ,i don't thrust this liers !

  4. "Perplexing Apollo Questions for NASA" > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com
    50 years of great leap lies

  5. we have a dome firmament over us………nasa is as real as cartoons…..look at my avatar pic……..its photo shop…….they fake all aspects.

  6. They need to hang beacons on these things as they find them

  7. Let them hit.no problm from my side

  8. NBC news quit making little children live in fear you know there is no such thing as an asteroid if it was just us adults it would be all good but that's child abuse

  9. NASA is going to save the earth

  10. why don’t we just stop all wars between the world, create the biggest bomb (i know russia has some nuclear weapons and kim jon un and trump has the money) boom there is our defense plan just blow it up and then continue the wars and arguements

  11. They will probably shoot a missal at it and will be safe😅

  12. NASA aka professional scammers. Just another money scheme for the elites lol don’t fall for the lies people. Jesus is our savior not nasa

  13. Actually, asteroid RA is about to pass VERY close to earth (1 million miles away) at 2:56am EST today. In less than 25 minutes. Fingers crossed it does just that, passes 🤞

  14. Don't believe that s.. T, they lied about everything.

  15. i wish if it gonna hit us i wish it hit NASA station DIRECTLY

  16. 🏴✋🇧🇷 #ForaBolsonaro 🏴🇧🇷 7 Setembro ➖ Tarja preta na bandeira 🏴🇧🇷

  17. Yeah , they are really watching like the one they missed in July lol. Give me the job I'll look 24/7 .

  18. Because the world is full of evils and full of wicked evils leaders.

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