Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Ed Sheeran: 'I Am Insecure' (Full) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

Pop sensation Ed Sheeran sits down with Megyn Kelly to discuss his career and the pitfalls of stardom.
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Ed Sheeran: ‘I Am Insecure’ (Full) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News


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  1. Amazing singer !!
    Been one of my favs since my college days 8 years ago 🤘🏽

  2. Something about you that screams Hitler

  3. Ed is an awkward humble musical ginger genius. Lol. Love y’all on this interview. Thanks for sharing your gift Edward, Eddie scissor hands j.k. Lol.

  4. I don't know why but I kinda hate Megyn Kelly.

  5. Such a genuine and great guy. Kudos from Cape Town Ed!

  6. oh i love him so much kajdjdjjddn

  7. What can I say about him… I will never be tired of admiring this cute, precious Teddy bear

  8. Ed Sheeran and Adele duet needs to happen!

  9. He’s such a sweetheart

  10. ed sheehan really just is my favorite

  11. ist he bigger then Adele already

  12. well with those circle eye glasses who wouldn't be

  13. insecure soy boy, go back to safe space

  14. Ed ti gratti sempre le braccia non saranno calceroggini i colori dei tatuaggi ti vogliamo sempre in salute!!! ciao Carmen grande Scheeran!!!!!

  15. Of course he is, he's a ginger with freckles, pale skin and wears glasses.

  16. Nowadays, everything is so PC that when someone literally says the F word on a cable news show and they have to bleep it out, we react to it, as Meghan Kelly did, as if it were charming.

  17. I love ed and his humility!!!! His girlfriend is a lucky woman!!!! Taylor is awesome recognizing such great talent

  18. He looks like Harry Potter with those round glasses! He’s the wizard of the music industry, I love his music.

  19. He's beautiful, inside and out. There's something so precious and real about him. Officially a massive fan

  20. Man that outro was intense

  21. "We have feelings too" that was so cute

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