Friday , January 22 2021
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Election 2020 Update: Swing states still being decided in race between Trump and Biden | USA TODAY

Results from the 2020 presidential election as Americans vote in races for the presidency, 11 governorships, 35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats.

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  2. The election is now illegal. Ballot counts aren’t certified in remaining states plus there’s investigation going on over numerous anomalies & a SCOTUS court order in play for Pennsylvania.

  3. Кто бы ни стал президентом – должен победить человеческий разум, а не амбиции
    себялюбия. Прежде всего президент, должен любить свой народ! И стараться, что бы
    в стране не было бездомных! Доступная бесплатная медицина для всех!
    Дать всем работу! Прекратить искать мнимых врагов! Навсегда забыть о войнах!
    Если этого не произойдёт – природа сама разрушит вашу страну в ближайшее время!

  4. Good bye America it was a good run. Let the end of the world begin. GG. it's over for America .

  5. Biden President!!! 290….

  6. Different totals each day tells me something is wrong.

  7. The Count isn't accurate and a new Election should be done. That's the fair way.

  8. Too late,biden won the election already by 273

  9. Mr. Trump… you are fired… security!

  10. (THINK) How can 60% – 70% of people vote Republican for the House and Senate… and then vote Democrat for the President?

    FACT: When someone votes for a Republican Candidate for the House and Senate > they also vote Republican for President (99% of the time).

    Just a little simple deductive reasoning will tell anyone with an ounce of honesty "This is Statistically Impossible" thus FRAUD..! >>>> Just Google house senate results 2020

  11. Its not over. Trump has a right to scrutinize the ballots

  12. I'm confused because on tv it says the score is 253 & online it's 264 eye don't know witch one to beleive

  13. im not old enough to vote but i watch the livestreams

  14. Dems are great people, they just gave away America to Communist China for free.
    And now you can listen to Biden Harris, tell you in video how great Communism is.

  15. G.W.Bush had 8 years started war no Weapons of mass destruction
    Obama had 8 years ended up in a depression took away keeping doctors, sent 400 million to iraq.
    Trump had 4 years went to saudi Arabia, looked out for the jews, went to north korea, had the stock market higher than any Pres. Wages went up… He's just a shyt talker but really did it for americans…
    If your not apart of the agenda you'll be taken out.
    P.S i could care less about politicians just the truth

  16. Cheating voters That's unfair….. unbelievable

  17. 6:04 thats a full ass song they are chanting LOL

  18. I'm anxious for the Supreme Court hearings to start, we all know it's heading there. Let's truly get all the evidence Trump says he has, and let our Country weigh in on what we see! I'm tired of this prolonged election, it seems like we are just delaying the obvious. If fake ballots don't have a watermark symbol, then remove 100% of the ballots that don't have the watermark, it's that simple.

  19. The election is not we the people its we the electoral vote if it was we the people it would go by who wins the most states the system is stupid and that's the truth and there's no arguing with the truth if 4 people from every state voted they will still elect the president just think about it

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