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Election Night 2020: Coverage of Trump, Biden and key races | USA TODAY

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Results from the 2020 presidential election as Americans vote in races for the presidency, 11 governorships, 35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats.

Final polls show the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has tightened since mid-October, both nationally and in battleground states.

Biden’s lead in USA TODAY’s average of averages, which is based on data from RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight, reached double-digits on Oct. 12, but has since fallen back to a 7.5-percentage point lead. That leaves him back roughly in the same position USA TODAY found him in its first poll roundup on Sept. 28, when his polling average lead over Trump was 7.2 points.

Beyond the presidency, Tuesday’s election may result in changes in Congress, where Democrats want to regain control of the Republican-led Senate and Democrats hope to expand their advantage in the House.

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  1. You go Trump!! God isn’t done yet.

  2. God has said that Trump will be in office again.


  3. ot trying to get political but Popeyes has better French fries then McDonald’s

  4. Cheaters will never win, President Trump won in landslide on election night.

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  6. Trump won how is he at 56 percent in PA they would of called it for anyone else

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  8. What FRAUD …..WHAT LIES against the American people

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  10. Renamed: "Democrat Fraud Night"

  11. How is it that Trump was up by hundreds of thousands of votes in many of the states that stopped counting the night of the election, then in all six of those states that stopped counting they all received numerous amounts of Biden-only mail-in ballots in the dead of night? What a scam the Dems are pulling! Disgraceful! People should be going to jail!!!

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  14. The world’s biggest joke, the US presidential election, the biggest lie, the US is a democratic, free and legal country, and the world’s largest counterfeiting country. Even the US presidential election can be won by fraud. Why can't it dare to fake it? The dirtiest in the world, the hell of the poor, the paradise of the rich, the United States protects convicts, traitors, thieves, counterfeiters, incest, and child molesters because they can afford a barrister or a leader of the country. Level, the law is set up for people who cannot afford a barrister without government endorsement. Thank you, high-tech companies in the United States, time and time again, like the world to prove how rich people like you built the United States through fraud

  15. Lol…. you guys still think you win ?

  16. God's timetable is ready.
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    2.The Revelation Chapter 12 verse 1 (A day when Saturn and Jupiter collide around December 21, 2017)

    3.Daniel 9:27 (with many people in the future) Israel has a peace treaty, right?~

    4. Bail (WCC, WEA, many people will be going to the temple just before the seven-year Great Rebellion) * Book of Revelations 12:05: Women (Israel) children (Ibangin) ; They put their children before God and their throne (Hugh) So Hugh is before the seven-year war. * You'll go through Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew.

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  17. THIS WHOLE COUNTRY IS RED!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I am looking for a good election night video. I watched all the 2016 ones I could possibly watch. The CNN one doesn't exist on line.

  19. US Presidential Election should be a benchmark of the world’s future ever and should not let weaknesses of Democracy decay the justice in History.

    I do not hate any candidate and want to see the justice ruling around the world.

    Democracy does not rely on justice. It only rely on number of people and votes. That is why its weaknesses become obvious for terrorists.

    Nowadays weaknesses of Democracy become weapons of educated terrorists for their long term goals. Every person needs to take new or creative actions effectively and proactively before so late.

    Others might have already accepted lots of money for plots. Who knows!!! Who follows up!!! Most of them are powerful.

    Democracy and Traditions become weaker for others’ advantages. Need to take right actions in accordance with circumstances. If not so, you will regret and have to sacrifice lots with sorrows.

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