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Elizabeth Warren targets Trump tax cuts

Former Bain Capital Managing Director Ed Conard on Elizabeth Warren’s plan that would reverse Trump’s tax cuts for the rich.

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  2. Oh no you don't, Lizzie. No more taxes. 3TR green plan will cost each American (legal or not) about $9,000.

  3. Elizabeth
    Warren, is a person that intentionally
    and fraudulently claimed to be Native American to obtain teaching positions,
    etc. Had she not been exposed in recent times, she would have left the “sleeping
    dog” (claim of being American Indian) lie. She has in recent times, given the
    media very questionable convoluted answers as to why she fraudulently claimed
    Native American heritage.   On the
    Internet, I have seen photographs in videos, of Warren with brown/black hair
    during the years she pretended to be Native American; Did she do that to go
    along with her false claim on applications, etc. of being “American Indian”?  She should return all monies that she
    obtained using her false claim, that prevented a real Native American from
    getting the benefit.


  5. Why doesn't someone silence this wench once and for all? As with all the candidates, she is a menace to society.

  6. She wants Socialism in America !!!!!! I don't want Socialism , unless it's for Banks, Corporations, Farmers etc !!!!!!!!!

  7. Socialist economists don't care for economy, just distribution of wealth.

  8. Take care of Billionaires !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw those LITTLE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! Keep voting against what is Good for you!!!!!!! Vote for Republicans !!!!!! Keep those Wealthy people on top !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Why you should support Tulsi: @

  10. Injun attack! Circle the wagons!

  11. These men are lying. Scandinavian countries are very successful in terms of equality. 90% of Demark people think they are mddle class. America has a disgusting inequality yet these people in this news are too busy attacking other politicians than talking about solution. What do they propose to fix this broken corrupted society?

  12. Europe doesn’t just “freeload off our innovation”, plenty of great minds are in Europe. Weird to hear a Brit sell himself out like that????

  13. Yes they earn 20% less but they get Free education, Free healthcare, Free government support, Maturnity leave for men and women, More then 2 weeks of paid vacation, so yes I would want to make 20% less to save myself hundreds of thousands of dollars and a more comfortable life… Fox is so biased omg lmfao

  14. These people dont understand in 40 years you guys will look like racist fucks in history books Fox will be what the confederate flag is to us todaya symbol of hatred and racism

  15. If we cut the tax breaks for the wealthy, where will the money for the glorious wall come from? Europe provides health care for all only because they’re COMMUNIST! I’d hate to pay $4k in yearly taxes so I can get free healthcare. I’d much rather pay $2k every month for my insulin to help the local pharmaceutical companies. Wtf Warren?
    Edit: Europe is losers

  16. Trump's tax cuts didn't reduce most of your guy's taxes, unless most of you are making 6+ figures.

  17. Hands off my tax cuts!!!! It helps my family balance our budget. We need then!

  18. Google Andrew Yang. Donate, volunteer.

  19. 3:00 NO! FOOL!
    "Improving" anything about a garbage, trash dump condition REMOVES INCENTIVE TO DO BETTER!
    Then there's the fact that you're STEALING from those who actually achieve to pay for it! Someone pays for any "balancing" and that ends up being HARD WORKING PEOPLE!
    It's not the bloated Big Brother, all government promises notwithstanding!

  20. She has more DNA in common with Lenin than native american indians

  21. Perhaps citizens should be given a choice. All of those tax loving democrat types ought to be free to give as much of their money as they wish to their beloved government, while others the choice of the opposite.

  22. Give Government More money to wastefully misdirect,line their own pockets with.

  23. This is a cult.. this is madness to actually take away our way of life and have DC run everything..god help us from these evil mad people.

  24. The Dems don't have any great candidates to run for the office. Warren and the Socialist Bernie are too liberal to win in a General Election. Biden is a gaffe machine and groper. I don't like Kamala but I will pick her over Trump if she's nominated. It's 2019 can we dispense with The Native American slurs??

  25. There is no way that I can imagine the Pocahontas as President. Just another Hillary!

  26. She always looks like she’s on the verge of a mental breakdown

  27. e-lizard-birth … you are OUT! along with yer bffs maxine waters and nancy pelosi, et ALL … IAMCC/IYA

  28. Maybe you should continue to not mention that Northern Europeans earn in the Euro which is double or more than the dollar so they are living quite better than we are. When I worked in Den Haag and in Prague I made a bloody fortune compared to what I make here at home.

  29. She wants to eliminate the tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. All the corporations did way buyback stock and pay out dividends.

    What is it with republican middle and low class defending billionaire tax breaks. And I always cringe whenever osmoen cheers a tax break of about $1000 a year. Thats kind of the problem, that $1000 means a lot to families. If $1000 a year is a lot of money to a family household, then the middle class really is struggling.

  30. Democrats always want more taxes for their pay raises.

  31. Pocohantas, Cleopatra, Winston Churchill, Barbie, who will she be next ?

  32. Go home and get another beer

  33. Injun Liz the liar wants to raise everyone's taxes through the roof. But here's the trick: To make her so-called plan look better, she's banking on Sellout Sanders making promises to raise them even higher. If that doesn't make sense, then you're probably not a corrupt Dem. If so, good for you.

  34. Ask California about raising taxes again and again. They keep raising them, and nothing gets better–for citizens.

  35. Watch Warren without the sound. Troubling

  36. "The Upside of Inequality"??? Really? Stop it yer killin me. Are Fox viewers actually this dumb. Better, does Fox think their viewers are this dumb? Don't worry little buddy, it'll trickle down to ya.

  37. She got a plan..and your guy is dumb as a box of rocks..good luck

  38. Warren, another scum bag, liar and sick lady.

  39. If the Democrats had it there way they would give the country away like they did with the Panama canal bunch of dumbasses

  40. She is a lair and a big dumbass she is bad for the country

  41. I'd have to hold my nose….but, almost anyone running for president would be far better than the disgusting that's in there now

  42. God help her she needs medications.

  43. Oh that’s going to be real well received by anybody who pays taxes. 🤦🏻‍♂️ These democrat presidential hopefuls are absolutely stupid.

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