Monday , April 19 2021
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Employer brings COVID vaccine to the workplace

One Illinois company has partnered with the local health department to bring COVID vaccines to the workplace. FOX Business’ Grady Trimble reports from a Del Monte Fresh Produce facility as an employee gets his second dose. #FOXBusiness #Varney

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  1. Ben Stein had the vaccine and reported in a video yesterday that he is still suffering huge side effects a week later. The video can not be posted on YT or the Communists will ban it.

  2. Even Varney has been mandated/ordered to spread pro-vaccine propaganda.

  3. These idiots in the video are sheep. I am not taking this untested jab. I already had the minor-virus and it was basically the flu. I am immune.

  4. If a company or the government is willing to sign a liability statement then I will take the vaccine. Otherwise I will be waiting at least a decade to be sure it is safe.

  5. Lol… if my boss wants to lose me… they'll make the shot mandatory.

  6. Why on God's Green Earth did fox, fox news, cavuto and chris wallace throw President Trump and his administration under the Big fat Bus?

  7. I tried to comment but my comment got censored. Says a lot to me about this unsafe vaccine

  8. What does he mean “did they get it for free”. EVERYONES supposed to be getting it for free. That’s why the government is buying hundreds of thousands of doses. We’re one step closer to being a wonderful, fairytale socialist country where everyone but the politicians make the same whether you’re a lazy bum pushing papers in a heated and air conditioned office and get to go home to your family every night or a fisherman in the Bering Sea risking your life every single day you’re on the water. Whether you’re a female teacher who gets all summer off but has to deal with all those pesky kids who are our future or a male mine worker handling explosives, breathing in dust and dirt 10hrs a day with 3 vacation weeks and 5 sick days a year.

  9. Return them to sender. beware of the jab, for many people around the globe have already died from the jab & many more will & many are suffering all sorts of malady's.

  10. Which social media employer was it? Twitter or Facebook??

  11. Big Corp and China are artificially keeping the stock market up. A big correction is coming and a prediction that these same corrupt Wall St and bankers will cause an even worse bubble collapse is coming. That is why Bitcoin is so high!! Inflation is now and worse is coming so cash and our savings account will falter.

  12. It's unbelievable how many people are falling for this. Adverse affects will soon be showing up in the near future! Get ready! The vaccine literally modifies DNA.

  13. Yep – fully "vaccinated" with absolutely NO guarantee of immunity…WTF??? Just keep locking down, masking up and imposing more and more draconian control. When are people going to wake up to this fraud? It's not even a vaccine, it's a gene therapy chemotherapy…look it up from the manufacturers own literature. Sheep

  14. Give mine to the dems/libs.

  15. The workers may not feel well afterwards. They may have sick workers and some may die.

  16. M.. contains cloned material from aborted fetuses that is later removed!!?!!??!?!? No thank you….. RNA …dunno

  17. Big Corp is part of the fascist gov't and the NWO. These mRNA are not vaccines, they are gene therapy with artificial intelligence that will change your human DNA to transhumans. The NWO and Gates want all to be stuck with trackers and 5G technology to control all humans except the Elites will NOT be getting these dirty chemical trackers. There are many who are WOKE to the evil of the NWO and will NOT take these, and so these corporations will try to force us to take them.

  18. "Rumor" has it, that CNN employees got their covid vaccine in a suppository… help with their…er…swagger.

  19. Did he say there might be a need to get a c0v!d shot every year???
    Even if it cures all cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, even deaths from car crashes I STILL WOULDN’T get it

  20. yep, the remaining half of none conformists will be getting two paychecks for being trouble makers and unpatriotic

  21. "This can be expanded if you need to keep getting the shot"…

  22. A team of independent doctors recently conducted their own study in Israel to determine if Pfizer’s experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine is safer than COVID-19.

    If this were the mainstream media or our health bureaucrat overlords, they’d say of course the vaccine is safer than the virus.

    Line up and get your jab already conspiracy nut.

    But the results from the 5-week study period were truly shocking.

    ……………………………Israeli Health Ministry: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’.

  23. Vaccine = Mark of the Beast:

    BNT-16-2B2 = 222-6-222 = 6-6-6

    B=2 (2nd letter in the alphabet)

    N=2 (sideways)


  24. Look at the guinea pigs.

  25. they're putting microships into us wtf fox stop promoting mind control of the deep state and the ultra rich!!!!! SAY NO TO VACS!

  26. If they don't do this for the yearly flu shots then they're just being hypocrites

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