Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Energy Secretary Rick Perry to resign amid impeachment inquiry

FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence reports Energy Secretary Rick Perry plans to resign but there is not a time frame as of now.

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  1. He must be apart of obama Administration

  2. Rate of cabinet departures (resignations and dismissals) is too alarming!
    It's a subtle vote of no confidence in the Presidency.


  4. Another one bites the dust.

  5. All the criminals in this white horse will resign and go in jail.
    Hope Fox news you can be on the good side of history……



  8. Good, he kept falling asleep in the committee meetings, and then waking up not knowing where he was or what he was doing. His appointment was a pentence for forgetting he would get rid of this department. I've never seen a man be 30 points ahead in presidential candidate race before he announced running and then lose all of it the moment he stepped on stage. He was a lousy governor of Texas. Now he can take naps whenever he wants to…

  9. RICK PERRYNIS THE GREAT MAN OF ALL time an i hopehe runs for president hebis a great mananso honest. go rich perry trumps is a great friend of his we love you rick perry.

  10. Ratts are jumping off the ship! Going to turn into a whistle blower,. Crooked lowlifes…

  11. Yes kids….another one of Trump's rats is jumping off the sinking ship. 😂🤣😂

  12. Lost count on how many rats have jumped off the trump train that stinks of trump💩of lies😂

  13. So here we go with the”” Murdochs spin””” on every freaking thing as usual/1776

  14. I'm a Texan and No one liked him.

  15. Move along, please. Nothing to see here.

  16. I like how Fox is just the same as all the other legacy media outlets. Fake and manipulative.

  17. These people need to get their FACTS Straight! Like, just maybe talk to Rick Perry. What a concept.

  18. I’m glad Trump had a great rally in Dallas,

  19. Trump said at his rally he was leaving for a while,old news Fox….

  20. I wish politicians that's been in office over fifteen years would resign.

  21. Fox news desperate to woo CNN diminishing audience

  22. There is no impeachment inquiry nor was there ever even a vote held nor will there be a vote held per batshit crazy Dem leader Pelosi. The buck stops with her. Stop with the fake news click bait titles, Fox Business, it's below you. You make people like Lou Dobbs look like amateurs just for being in the journalistic vicinity of nonsense videos like this.

  23. You think the cabal is now paying fox off to looks like it to me

  24. Rick Perry caught in trading white life fuel barrel's smuggling and trading on world barrel rate and western union stock exchange. That white cream is a fissile material of life worm's fertilizing ovary egg's. Thats energy business and using electrical signalling to electro ejaculation of semen cream and test tubing ovary egg's using vacuum suction IVR technology.

    You are fired Rick Perry for immoral energy deal's.

  25. Perry is resigning so he doesnt get thrown under the bus. He cannot testify if hes employed by the White House. Hes fleeing the Titanic.

  26. He was in Trump rally tonight , he said he will leave the end of the year to work in private sector.

  27. He said in July he would leave at the end of the year but spin it up into the phony impeachment lol reported as spam or misleading

  28. They wanted to blame the Ukraine scandal on him now he has to bail or defend Trump and face jail time. lol

  29. Rick Perry was at Trump rally tonight. And introduced by Trump and thanked for doing a great job.

  30. Rick is a deep stater just like Bush

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