Friday , December 4 2020
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Engineer urges Amazon to shut down Ring doorbells, cameras 'immediately'

An Amazon engineer is calling to shut down Ring due to privacy concerns with surveillance videos.

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  1. Problem? Yes. Human stupidity.

  2. When you go to apts to deliver they record your voice now through Google….and those cameras mess up your phone it stops the service

  3. Yeah delivering for flex they record you and your voice…..why???????

  4. I have a ring and very happy. No one has the expectations of privacy on MY Property.

  5. Terrible terrible terrible story. I’m sure all y’all on this video believe the criminal should be allowed a camera in case a home owner defends his home. But not the homeowner. Y’all are frankly too deranged to expect an intelligent discussion.

  6. We got along well before technology and will without it.

  7. This seems silly other than the hacking. People have security cameras that can also capture people at your front door. Someone being at your door does not automatically implicate you in anythng. Also, if someone is sat your door, they are in public space aren’t they? Idk it just seems a bit ridiculous for people to make a huge issue of a camera used for security purposes that happens to be in a doorbell instead of pointing out from the window, on a fence in your yard etc.

  8. People who cry “privacy issues” are bad people at heart.

  9. I have cameras because I'm not allowed to hunt down all the metheads around me.

  10. My sister got a ring doorbell installed. She lives in an ungated community in California. Within the week, she had vid of a creep peeking in the window, then entering the garage.

  11. But Alexa & other devices are ok? I am allowed to record my property. Why do we need video? Because you cant trust anyone!

  12. If they shut mine down i could just hook up an old phone and get the same effect; So do it who cares . And whos privacy are you violating. You come up to my home you are on my property I have cameras it is my right to use my video surveillance.

  13. What about people who whip out cellphones and photo everything? That is a pretty significant invasion of privacy.

  14. America gave up its privacy for security. Remember the Patriot Act! Ring is not at fault, but the operator of the system.

  15. So… doorbell cams are a problem, but not phone cameras, ATM cameras, garage cameras, traffic light cameras, and on and on? If the vandals and thieves don’t want to be on camera, they can stay off my property.

  16. It’s the same thing as a security camera. I don’t get what the privacy issue is.

  17. Pretty soon you will have nothing that they can't see. It's sold off as innovation and to help you but all it is is another spy tool to know everything about you. Welcome to the digital world.

  18. A closed network works better. You don't need a middle man.

  19. Sounds like a cover for criminals

  20. I dont have or need a doorbell, People just simply knock or holler.

  21. Why do we need cameras? Why do these idiots need more hair spray? Its America, we are free to do what we want. Also because idiot politicians and citizens keep voting for and passing legislation that goes easy on criminals. Most of us don't live in fancy gated communities with even a token security guard. We have to take care of our own security. So yes, we do need cameras, yes we do need to keep track of who shows up at our door, yes we do need firearms because noone else will be security fpr average Americans. If a ring camera deters someone from knocking on your door, maybe they dont have a legal reason for being there? If you want to come onto my property, you will be on camera. Period. I love ring. Oh, they also dont share the camera owners identity with the police. I'll say it again, i love ring. They believe in the real privacy that matters, privacy from .gov…

  22. Smoke and mirrors to feel right, or results to support as a job well done?

  23. Anyone that uses one is an idiot!! Hackers stream your family online in other countries!! Ask Canada!!!
    DON'T buy one!!!👍👍🤬🤬

  24. The issue with Ring is far, far more profound and complex than hacking or even use by the cops. It involves the intentional dissemination by the manufacturer, to multiple third parties, of your personal information–very personal–acquired not only from Ring itself but from every device in communication with it. Other than the reporting of the engineer's recommendation, this segment actually misrepresented and minimized the problem.

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