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England skipper Joe Root looks to identify reasons for defeat

England captain Joe Root points to his side’s bowling in Australia’s second innings as pivotal, defends the selection of James Anderson and the game plan Jason Roy brought to his day five innings with plenty of time left in the 2019 Ashes series


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  1. You need to change your batting line up n bowlers bring sam Curran n leach n Archer n remove ali,bairsyow,denly n improve your technique n pick best batters n bowlers or else you will loose ashes

  2. Reasons for defeat
    1) they were outplayed
    2) Ali is rubbish and obviously mentally fried
    3) 8-122 and were able to score 284
    4) the captain can't convert 50's to big 100's.

  3. Anderson didn't bowl! If England hadn't been a bowler down then it might be different. Bairstow, Buttler and Ali aren't performing and Root is a poor captain. Aussies are dependent on Smith and are beatable. If England get their act together and stop making excuses for poor form then they'll win easy.

  4. England, irrespective of their strength and talent, remains an enigma. They can reduce a team to 120-7 and the score at the end can easily be 360-9 declared. While batting, they can be 148-1 and from there they can be 238 all out. The consistency with which they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is unparallel. I'm not sure why it happens. Is it because they can't fight or they are simply not that capable? Whatever it may be, they are the biggest blooper test cricket team in the world

  5. He has a lot of haters doesn't he?
    I seriously don't understand he will be obviously sad as he lost so what?
    no matter what i will always love him.

  6. Jason Roy picked to play in his own way??? what sorta answer is that??? if he plays like that, he will be having more A/Cs than sunshine



  8. Jofra Archer will be hard for aussie to handle in the next test. I thought rabada and Cummins were the the 2 special bowlers of this generation but archer jogs in and bowls 150kph effortlessly.

  9. Don’t boo smith That’s why you lost

  10. I know why they lost!!! Cause J Anderson told them he was fit to play. With no fitness test, that's just dumb from a pro sports team. Only have yourselfs to blame England. Ha ha ha ha And Smith's 300 od runs in one test helped. We can see it in Australia, England have no clue how to get Smith out. Aussie Aussie Aussie

  11. Joe Root will show his qualities as a test captain during this Ashes just wait and see

  12. It’s stupid to write off England they always comeback in England after losing the first one and as far as Australia are concerned I think they got lucky in the first inning or the game could have been dead and buried. With jimmy out archer is the one to replace him for sure. England need to figure out whom to let out for my boy Sam if he is in the team England mostly win.

  13. Joe's a decent chap – kudos to Joe.

  14. You don't boo great players. It fires them up!

  15. Convert 50s into 100s like smith that's the reason why you lost

  16. Dismaying defeat this for England. Hopefully they will make a strong come back in the second match. Best of luck

  17. England dont worry you will win the series

  18. Pick Dale Steyn. He is available and just as English as Jofra Archer.

  19. So, a bowler down, Australia only took 4 bowlers in. Ali was a total failure, that is what hurt them the most. And conditions suited Lyon? So why could Ali not do better? And Lyon got 20 wickets in the last series on Australian pitches that do not favour spin. Fact, they struggled against Lyon. And Anderson is 37, with a calf injury which is generally an old mans injury. Steyn has just retired at 36. Time for Jimmy to hang the boots up.

  20. Please keep tissues next to him, he's crying . cry babe root

  21. To be fair, much of the blame should go to Moeen for being utterly horrifying on a deck where Lyon could generate rip and bounce. His substandard batting didn't help and him being a bunny for Lyon, I would expect Leach to take the spin duties up in the next match. And losing your leader of the bowling pack doesn't help either. Broad can be good, but not as good as Anderson putting the pressure on with his late swingers. Bring Archer, Leach & Sam Curran back and England might have a fighting chance at Lord's.

  22. He Is So Humble… They Will Come Back STRONGER… We Trust You And Still Support You

  23. Payback time for worldcup.😝😆😂🤪

  24. Eloquent and articulate but still despised every second of being up there. Don't envy those blokes.

  25. Nope. Ali has been demoralised by Lyon once again.

  26. You didn't win the tournament Joe remember that you get the trophy because of more boundary than new Zealand

  27. I dont know why people are complaining that England is not well prepared, look at their batting lineup – there is very little experience there, with the likes of Roy, Burns, Denly who all belong to the top order.compared to Warner, Smith, Head, Wade – all these guys are experienced relatively. Players who can make difference are Root, Buttler ( even this I am not sure ) Stokes is hopeless ( always been in tests ), Also, they lost Anderson early .

    I would love to see Sam Curran in the next match ( I dont know who would the team have to sacrifice though for that, Ali may be ? )

  28. Joe Root is a clown. If you think England has a chance to regain the Ashes you don’t know anything about cricket.

  29. Jason Roy has been picked to play in his own way?? What else does a test opener does other than defending? Jesus

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