Thursday , January 20 2022
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Equinox, Soul Cycle Face Backlash For Corporate Owner’s Donald Trump Fundraiser | NBC Nightly News

Criticism and threats to boycott the gym and its spinning studio Soul Cycle came flooding in after word broke that the company’s chairman and billionaire Stephen Ross is holding a lavish fundraiser for President Trump later this week.
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Equinox, Soul Cycle Face Backlash For Corporate Owner’s Donald Trump fundraiser | NBC Nightly News


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  1. howcome your network has has 1.4MM subs, but you put out a high production video like this, and only a handful of people watch it? Could it be you're bad? Why is your "news" so fake?

  2. Equinox is a white Supremacist club. I would boycott it.

  3. I didn't know who this guy was, but he just hit the Jackpot! I am going to tell my entire family, and friends, to join his gyms and buy his products! Remember, Trump WON the elections, so there are a lot more supporters, than protesters! Vote Trump 2020!!!

  4. The outrage mob can't afford Equinox. lol Fundraiser nets 12 million. LOL

  5. One problem: Trump is not a racist.

  6. It is funny, there has been no proof or any evidence of wrong doing in regards to racial or anything else against President Trump, but yet the left claims that there is. I guess that if you say a lie and repeat it enough it becomes true. President Trump has done nothing wrong. The only thing that it doing, (Lord Willing) is making it a sure thing for President Trump's re election. This boycott is nothing more than the lefts way to tell you all, the american public, that you must comply to their way of thinking or doing things. You all know that if the Terrorist and Chief was still occupying the white house instead of President Trump in all this, the left would be call those who oppose him deplorable s and want us all rounded up.

  7. How many of the members care about it? But anyone who is stupid to waste that much money on this health club can be intolerant of people with different views. You can spend a lot less at just a good club and not have to worry about moon-bats complaining about on owner's political views

  8. One more thing if all these people are so against Trump I can't wait for them to pack their bags and go to another country where they think they're going to be a lot happier and have the freedom and the Beautiful Things They enjoy in this country

  9. Most people support Steven Ross !! He is a free man and his choices is not your business !

  10. Those who support racists are racists themselves…

  11. I mean ppl have the right to cancel their membership as much as he has the right to support trumo

  12. People have the right to support whom they choose. But don't get in your feelings if someone takes offense to it or disagrees. They also have the right to cancel or boycott. More power to them. Was Nike complaining that people were boycotting? Nope. If they were so worried then stay out of politics and support in private. Keep businesses OUT of politics. I thought he was put there by the people for the people. Opps, I'm sorry, not him.

  13. Pure corruption. This greed has got to end. We “nobody’s” in mass fight back with OUR money. It’s called capitalism baby.

  14. Sooooo? When did it happen that ONE can't support a certain candidate in this country? So I guess that we aren't a "free republic"?

  15. Souless cycle and unequinox!! Supporting Dump45 the Traitor and Criminal POS and Putin's puppet??? Justice for the American people!!🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  16. BOYCOTT Equinox/soulcycle!! I have. do not help support The Orange Clown.

  17. Wonder what he pocketed with the Trump tax cuts for the 1%

  18. How did the Chick-fil-A boycott work out you Leftist fascist bullies?

  19. Only candidate with ZERO corporate money?
    Bernie Sanders 2020

  20. The man can give to Trump if he wants to like anybody can give to Bernie Sanders. People who cry over this nonsense do not understand the value of freedom in the United States of America.

  21. The crowd at Equinox is full of themselves…..they like the luxury brand and would'nt know a boycott from a buyout. The LGBTQ members will protest for 4 hours.

  22. Love how one company even releases a statement saying its not connected to any of this and don't support it. Yet moron social justice warriors think they so righteous. Lol the left has turned into a bunch of whiny little children. You people are the reason Trump will win in 2020.

    HE WANTS !

  24. Anyone that supports Trump proves, they like Trump, have ZERO! morals or ethics and can't deal with facts. Trump, while US President, ran a FAKE charity that stole $2.5 Million from a Veterans event in Iowa and $500,000 from Kids with Cancer to put money in Trump pocket. I wouldn't want to live near anyone that stole money from Kids with Cancer and Veterans, I would NEVER! support them for public office or anything else (Charges against Trump and Trumps FAKE Charity, shut down by Court order)

  25. Morons pay for gym memberships. Who cares?

  26. if your with Trump, statistics show you are against the American people. But then again if your with trump you don't believe science or reality. Peace

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