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EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE | Chatty Natural Look GRWM | Fashion Mumblr

A bonus upload! Here’s my everyday makeup routine, my go-to look for working from home, university, work etc!
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Beauty Blender :
Chantecaille Lipstick :
Guerlain Eyeshadow :
Benefit Gimme Brow :
Becca Eyeshadow :
Elizabeth Arden Mascara :
Chantecaille HD Powder :
Tom Ford Bronzer :


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  1. Enjoyed but the hair twirling?.

  2. Loving your vlogs as always and I love 💕 dexter xxx

  3. Dexter is so cute I have bulldog his name is Frank assure you can do your skincare and beauty favs of 2016 so looking forward to it!

  4. Which polish and shade do you have on your nails please?x x

  5. I feel like you look much better and younger without make up especially when the camera getting closer to ur face

  6. You do not look like a 'scary Mary' even without makeup on. Still gorgeous.

  7. this is going to sound ridiculous but I've been having the same problem with the hair so i just take a wet wipe and if i see any makeup i just swipe it off and it doesn't ruin your styling which is great

  8. Oh my days little Dexter is so scrumptious! Makes me want a pup of my own. Thanks for another lovely video xx

  9. Love you videos!! Your makeup is amazing!!

  10. Dexter is soooooo adorable. Melts my heart! What a cutie 🐾 @fashionmumlr

  11. What do you use to have such white teeth? Thanks!

  12. I love the smell of the inside of my dogs ear! hahahaha At least I'm not the only weird one!

  13. Not a holiday, but I live in Melbourne, Australia and tommorow it will be 31 degrees and the day after 37 degrees and sunny!

  14. Heading to vegas over Easter! Looking great as always Josie xx

  15. Dexter is sooo cute!! I just melted such an adorable little pup ❤❤ loved the video too!

  16. Yes, would love to see a 2016 favourites! Dexter is so cute!

  17. "spaz attack"… Yikes. I hope you understand how rude that is. Also, that "skin" tone eyeshadow might not be skin tone to everyone.

  18. This is a good everyday makeup look! simple, quick, and easy nothing to fancy or complex

  19. Keen to see your 2016 favourites!

  20. Loved this video! Keep up the great videos💓

  21. you're at 85K subbies ❤️❤️

  22. Would love to see a 2016 favourites video 💚

  23. Dexter is adorable. You should make a calendar with Dexter wearing all his adorable outfits. And yes to 2016 favourites!

  24. Also I think you should sell your unwanted clothes on Depop like many youtubers do! Your fashion is fabulous❤️

  25. Wow your natural eyebrows are gorgeous! Xx

  26. Why don't you use any highlighter? Btw which highlighter is your favourite?

  27. What car boot sale are you going to be at? Would love to come along!

  28. Just found u today and you are literally the cutest being ever!!!😍😍😍

  29. Love your routine sweetie! And Dexter is so cute 😀

  30. never too late for a beauty favs!

  31. Josie! 💕 I found your channel a few days ago, I fell in love with it so I subscribed right away! 😍😂 Absolutely love you and your videos! Keep up the great work!🎉 👏 love you!! ❤ xxx Danie

  32. Wishing (as usual) that I could send you some Arizona sun and warmth lol. I've been home for 2 days and I'm already missing English weather. I know, I'm crazy. Loved this video, such a great and easy look. And I'd totally love to see a best of 2016 from you. There were a lot of things you mentioned last year that I was curious about so I'd love to know which ones are still your faves. 🙂 xx

  33. Yes please to a 2016 favourite product video!!! 👏🏻 xx

  34. Dexter is sooo sweet!! Aww I love how he always yawns when he's on camera lol!

  35. You are one of the very few youtubers that take sometime to reply to followers. It shows that you care about your subscribers and it's nice to feel that love in return. 😘

  36. Josie…my husband and I will be traveling to Punta Cana in a few days. Hopefully get a bit of color. Love you.

  37. Yes yes please do a 2016 beauty faves never ever too late for that

  38. I love how you are so funny, and genuine. The comment about having to shower in the gym more due to boiler breakdown " swings and roundabouts " such a great sense of humour, love your videos Josie xx

  39. You have an iconic look that I am sure a lot would like to emulate. You do very well sharing .

  40. would love to see a 2016 favorites! Definitely not too late 🙂

  41. 2016 beauty favorites? Yes please…

  42. yes i have my holidays booked!!!

  43. Beautiful! We are going to Hawaii in March for our warm vacation. Your teeth look great! Are you done your trays?

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