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EVERYONE MEETS DICKENS! Introducing Our New Puppy To The Family & To Dexter!! | Fashion Mumblr

We introduce Dickens; our new Dachshund Puppy to Dexter, and surprise our families with him! Here’s their reactions, and some cute Sausage Dog Puppy clips 😉
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  1. omg ive never seen someone so posh hahaha

  2. I wish I could share a pic of my Scruffy-Bear.

  3. you have to beautiful boys, enjoy

  4. I don't believe I have ever seen those two colors on a doxie here in the US! They are beautiful colors. The one looked like a "chocolate color" & the what are those two colors called (Dickens color is just beautiful & the other brown color was Hannah, just beautiful also?) One of my babies (my first) is the black & brown like Dexter only mine is short hair. I love the long hair! Dickie is a little gentle soul…he reminds me of my doxie that passed away this Spring! Yes, I think everyone fell in love with Dickens the moment they saw him! This was so enjoyable…thank you for sharing this wonderful day!!! LOL Judie

  5. It makes my heart feel so good to see when a tiny puppy gets such a good home. One where he will be loved, cared for properly & protected from harm. You will be such a good home for Dickens! I have 3 dachsunds & I love them so much. They are my life! Two of them will be 14 years old this November & one will be 13 years old in August! It will be so much fun to watch your channel & enjoy seeing all the love you give your babies! LOL Judie

  6. Ooooh Josie and Charlie. My daughter and I cried tears of joy while watching this. Oooooh the wonderful loving reactions were delightful!!!
    Awesome memories you are sharing!!!

  7. That is one incredible looking Doxie! I have 2 myself and I love them so much!

  8. Puppies and Family…made me happy to watch!

  9. Too, cute! I love how excited everyone was to meet the doggies. 🐶💚

  10. So much love in your family! Dexter & Dickens are very blessed!

  11. Such a emotional moment. Loved it!


  13. You guys are such amazing dog parents. It’s lovely to see and I love how you call each other mommy and daddy around your fur babies. My husband and I do that too with our little Bear. These puppy vlogs have been so cozy and lovely to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  14. A lot of testosterone in your house now, haha. Your new pup is just precious.

  15. what is the name of the song you have playing when the video first started, please?


  16. This is me being clueless but will Dexter grow any bigger? 😊

  17. could you tell me who is your breeder? i really would love a dachshund.

  18. Hey Josie! It's Hope!💗 I love Dickens he is so cute! X

  19. Along with the feedings, my first Doxie Bruce was very (and is still) gentle, with treats and hand feeding, but Bruce is food and attention driven. Then it Dip (my toy whore – yes I do call him that at times) can be a piggy, and so now Bruce can be more nippy.

  20. Looks like Dickens was a hit! I have a feeling your mom can't wait to babysit the boys.

  21. I'm in love! I have never seen a Dachshund that color. I love the door handle at Charlies parents home it is so original. What a great yard for the pups to play in. My mom's Greyhound would love to do a few laps around the yard with Dickens and Dex.

  22. Your mum is so elegant and gorgeous!

  23. Hi Josie!! Dickens is so adorable! I have never seen a puppy that cute. I love the colours of him. Great choice!🌈❤️😂👌👍🙏🏻💯😊

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