Thursday , September 16 2021
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Eviction Moratorium Ending

Neighborhoods across the country are filled with fear and anxiety as the eviction moratorium expires Saturday night. The pandemic affected many, with more than six million Americans behind on rent.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Eviction Moratorium Ending


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  1. As an independent I am embarrassed by this administration.

  2. Consider moving in with family.

  3. Vote Democrat is a vote for shutting down your jobs, shutting down the economy, and mass evictions. Sadly, all you democrats voted for the same restrictions that are evicting children from their homes. You all voted democrat because of the lies and propaganda told about Trump, giving the democrats a free unchecked reign of power that is ruining your lives. Remember this at the polls. @/walkaway

  4. While the top 1% are going to space and senators eating time playing hide and seek.

  5. A lot of people got a lot of money to sit home and do nothing. If they didn’t pay their rent, this is the end result. Maybe the government should’ve paid their rent and utilities rather than giving them the cash. People wouldn’t have been happy with that, either. People are never happy even when they get money handed to them they want more and they don’t know what to do with it and now they’re going to live on the street. Sometimes life lessons are hard. Hopefully they learn.

  6. Hand picked people to push Democrat narrative, we have seen this side show before!!!!!@@!

  7. Propaganda posts, anything to distract America from what a mess Democrats are making of our country and…..

  8. Fake news selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this and laughs at them really loud and alot……

  9. They need to send any relief moneys straight to property owners for the rent back pay.

  10. And the government get their 6 weeks off again! Not a worry in the world! SMH
    Judgement day!!!

  11. And watch you will need a credit score of 800, first last and deposit and no eviction on your history to move in to new place. Drug dealers just gain a ton of new customers. So has CPS.

  12. If someone told these renters in March 2020 that they would get a month or two of free rent, they would have been overjoyed. But now 18 months of free rent and apparently they are protesting. Once a government program starts up, it can only increase in scope and duration.

  13. Time to take back from Generation Worthless. Nothing is free. Go get a job and take care of yourselves, kids.

  14. And just to call it out. Pelosi and the Democrats didn’t put a bill on the floor to extend this. They wanted to go on vacation , and what they wanted to do is add the pork to a bill they always do. They failed the people as they always do. Trumps administration put this in place to save people and the Democrats let it lapse.

  15. People don’t realize many landlords aren’t rich, they have families to feed and lots of bills to pay, I would know because my father is one and he’s gotten kicked in the *ss by all this and the money he got front the government doesn’t equal out things either. Meanwhile the tenants have blown it all off and rather than get their financial situation together they just waste their government money on junk and haven’t even bothered looking for a job.

  16. We need a monthly stimulus but Americans aren't pushing for one

  17. Every single day we hear about employers who can't fill jobs cause folks won't take them….so there's no excuse for continuing to use Covid as an excuse to not get a job. Get off your lazy butts and stop looking to the government for handouts.

  18. It was time to go back to work 6 months ago.

  19. It has to end sometime? people are not going back to work. Went to a restaurant that had to close for the night because there were not enough people to work. Help wanted signs everywhere I go. We have to help our family members. Take in your family that are getting evicted till they get back on their feet. Should the landlords suffer. There is work everywhere to pay your rent.

  20. There was not any shortage of jobs out there. It may not have been what you wanted but there were jobs available. Most people have no one to blame but their selves. If most people were smart,, they would have never took the governments word for it and got a job instead.

  21. What a happy woman I am now being free from HSV Is a great testimony for me all thanks to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for curing me from HSV only by using his products which he sent to me

  22. I have no sympathy for those who made the choice to not pay their rent! Now they are going to learn that life IS NOT FREE and that handouts are only temporary. Those evicted had 16 MONTHS to figure out a solution, but instead chose to go shopping for brand name clothes, drugs, tattoos, and 70 inch TVs.

  23. My rich tenant didn't pay for 18 months, a dentist! Let me evict my parasites! Give money to the tenants that really need it.

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