Friday , December 4 2020
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Evidence Piles Up That Trump Seeks Foreign Election Interference | Meet The Press | NBC News

Explosive text messages make clear that military aid for Ukraine, and a trip to Washington, were conditioned on Ukraine’s commitment to investigate political opponent, Joe Biden.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Evidence Piles Up That Trump Seeks Foreign Election Interference | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. The notion that the media needs to make up "fake news" is absurd. The President just comes right out and tells everyone about his corruption. "L'état, c'est moi." That isn't supposed to fly here.
    God! Maybe it would. Maybe that is just the new normal here. Any republican who stands at the podium and claims that the laws don't apply in his case gets to be king. Maybe the GOP just doesn't plan on relinquishing power ever. They attack our voting rights. They keep getting these Russian owned voting machines. The SCOTUS helps them every step of the way. What other conclusion are we supposed to draw?

  2. Are we tired of winning let?

  3. say what? yet kiddin? My stars..

  4. Interference? Investigating Biden corruption is not interference, it is justice

  5. Can somebody out there show me the law that says that a sitting commander in chief can't ask for information from a foreign power about other American citizens? And also the law which states that somebody running for politic office can't be investigated by our government just because they are part of it? Because it would seem that Russian collusion investigation would be a completely illegal act and election complete interference.

  6. ok this is not funny anymore…this guy is incompetent…either remove him from office now…or remove him in 2020…I am one foot out the door…from the US i mean…if this clown is reelected again…i am gone to my other house in Mexico…and will come back in four years…the first time "if trump wins i am leaving the country" was half joking….this time it is for real…this clown is dangerous.

  7. people can be so stupid, anyone want to go to China and come back with 1.5 billion dollars for a person who has no experience? Clinton foundation was obvious pay for play .Unreal the hate and despicable comments for a fantastic president.

  8. More fake news lol Look at Steele dossier and Hillary for real interference and our higher FBI, spy agencies. Just another hit job by useless Dems who violate the law and destroy our constitution for their nefarious ends. What/s next Dems. eating red meat? what a joke and you divide our country. SAD

  9. The leftwing communist anti American globalist trash are trying to take over the government! I hope Trump orders the military to arrest all the globalist scum in government!

  10. More like anonymous accusations are piling up and the media are treating them like fact.
    HOLD the VOTE
    or STFU.

  11. He can ask foreign governments to look into corruption fake news but he will not get impeached still more Americans for Trump
    Trump 2020

  12. So … because Joe Biden is running for President, NBC thinks it's perfectly ok for he and his family to be involved in corruption all over the globe ?

  13. Yet they won't vote to impeach. It would reveal guilt of the same allegations they make.

  14. The GOP should be renamed "The Traitorsgates" the Republican Party has now fully embraced
    Putin and the KGB/GRU over our own CIA/FBI, and American Patriots! ..🙄

  15. Impeach Trump, impeach Pence and impeach Kavanaugh!

  16. First check into jared kushner's business with china…his 666 5th ave building. stone cold crooked.

  17. Time to halt Impeachment inquiry–after accepting the 2nd whistle blower's letter and proceed with IMPEACHMENT. Let's see who among lawmakers do not deserve to be in office for they as disloyal to our country and the Constitution.

  18. If it was true they would have impeached him long ago. Just a bunch of junk fed to idiots .
    Put up or shut up

  19. at least, to end trump stupid trade war, china should start investigations into trump and family… and the u.s. should do that too : are they going to accept unverified results given by china or are they going to do their democratic job of eliminating their corrupt president ? 🙂

  20. When the truth comes out the left and the corrupt media will eat crow.
    Four more years with President Trump should clean up the deep state and the lying media. Grab your tissues, your going to need them.


  22. Well Mitt, I didn't always agree with you but now (finally) you are right on target. Why is your party so quiet ? The best way for you and your party is to go ahead and put trump behind you. Admit you made a mistake. Remember when he first ran how everybody was against him ? Now is the time to admit that your first instincts about him were right and make the change. The bottom line is you wont hold any seats if you dont. The BLUE WALL is just starting !

  23. Hey Trump are you honest lol

  24. Not all narcissistic people are corrupted cant be mad at them for trying to be no matter how much they wanna convince u other wise for that is who they are.

  25. trump never disappoints…right when you thought he couldn't do anything worse, he ups his own game.
    He's gone as far as to make the FBI and the CIA and the Press his worst enemies…Now he has to extort help from other countries to investigate the Mueller report and his political adversaries…

  26. trump: The world can finally see I'm not orange, I'mpeach.

  27. Seeking the truth and the Democrats are crapping💩 themselves.

  28. So pathetic. The dems can't administer the country, all they can do is go after Donald Trump. Not that he's someone who's interests always aline with National Goals. But writing environmental laws and re regulating since Ronald Reagan has been the work Dems mostly avoid. 40 out 0f 50 states are negative cash flows to the US treasury.

  29. If the deep state is a line of defense against putin / trump administration an illegal presidency, to hold them accountable then i love the deep state.

  30. NBC is dividing the country by putting negative news. They hate Trump so much that they even ready that American loose. America is powerful than ever before. NBC stop feeding the fear in the hearts and mind of the people. Its time for the liberal media to search for the corruption in Biden and his son contacts.

  31. Republicans & Trump supporters has became spayed and neutered trained pets be loyal to AMERICA NOT Party or President #VOTE2020

  32. What happen with China??? Complete sentences, please.

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